HI-Tech Pawn For Windows

Our software is really 3 products in one package. 

  • Pawn Shop Management
  • Title Pledge Loans
  • Check Advance Loans / Check Cashing

Your subscription plan determines which modes are active.  You pay for only those features you need at your location.  The software uses one customer base for all 3 modes and you can turn on or off the features you want to use at any time.


Property Pawn

Gun Pawn

Title Pawn

Customer History

  • Property Pawns
  • Firearm Pawns (fully compliant ATF A & D Book features plus background checks)
  • Title Pledge Loans including amortization schedule, power of attorney and noting of lien forms
  • Federal truth-in-lending disclosures
  • Re-pawn any item previously pawned
  • Simple and Detailed item entry modes as needed
  • Automatic categorization of items as they are entered
  • Customer, ID card and item photos plus fingerprint, check and title scans using driver's license scanners, cameras, webcams, fingerprint scanners and flatbed scanners
  • Detailed prior history display lets you know at a glance how this customer has performed in the past including flagging bankruptcy and bad checks or titles.


Tag Renewal & Redeem



  • Renew loans for additional terms from today or the previous due date
  • Apply extra amounts towards loan principal amount
  • Partial fees payments without advancing the due date
  • Adjust redemption amount if desired
  • Tag multiple renewals and redemptions to process at the same time with total fees calculated for you





  • Quickly enter bulk purchases from vendors
  • One click tax exempt sales
  • Force employees to meet minimum profit percentages
  • Not-in-inventory and consignment sales
  • Tax liability reporting
  • Multiple handgun sales automatically generates ATF form 3310
  • Enter "tax included" prices
  • Sell bulk items like DVDs by quantity using our inventory bucket system
  • Use a barcode scanner to quickly enter items on sales, scan serial numbers and verify inventory to detect shoplifted items


Check Setup Options

Check Advance

Check Cashing

  • Setup multiple fee and term configurations
  • Check pickup by customer or bank deposit
  • Use Teletrack online to screen loans
  • Set number of days or specific pickup date on the fly
  • Advanced bad check collection system lets customers pay on returned checks, collect returned check fees, send to Teletrack both charge off and recovery and write-off bad debt
  • Check history shows at a glance bad checks, checks deposited or picked up and checks outstanding.  Problem items are highlighted in red.
  • Create promotions like first check advance free
  • Check Cashing can be setup with multiple fees and categorized as government, employer or personal checks


Daily Report 1

Daily Report 2

Bank Account Manager

P & L Manager

  • Daily Cash Report balances your cash drawer each day with full breakdown of all transactions plus journal entry of expenses and miscellaneous income.
  • Chart of accounts for expenses which can be changed any way you like using primary and sub accounts
  • Full featured Profit Loss statement with drill down on each expense or income category down to individual transactions
  • Bank account manager lets you setup multiple bank accounts. Transactions or expenses can be paid from cash drawer or check from any bank account. Maintains check register and balance for each account with optional check printing including scanned signature.
  • Generates 1099s from contract labor sub accounts for any date range or year
  • Generate 941 report for CPA if using built in employee payroll system
  • Reports to trace and audit every number on accounting summary sheets
  • Accounting reports can be emailed automatically to partners or shareholders
  • Month to date and year to date totals on every accounting figure including mtd or ytd change for outstanding loan and inventory values
  • Detailed activity audit for owners can detect many known ways employees defraud or steal and reports suspicious activity automatically


Detailed Customer History

Put In Storage

Gun Instant Check

Query Records

  • Stored at location for pawns or layaways
  • Increase existing pawn
  • Principal payment
  • Layaway payment
  • Detailed customer history with many options
  • Gun instant check manager (void, update pending status, etc...)
  • Query records system allows quick find on any customer, ticket or item using many different search by fields
  • Reprint any ticket form or label by entering the transaction number and then selecting the form or label desired
  • Note system lets you add detailed notes to any ticket, item or check advance. Notes are displayed automatically anytime one is involved in a transaction you are doing


Inventory Editor

Foreclosure Manager

Bucket Manager

  • Sophisticated control over your entire history of items
  • Color coding allows you to quickly see the status of any item
  • Edit details of any item, easily find items by category, item number, ticket number or partial description 
  • Place items on police hold or picked up, tracks date, officer, complaint number and phone number
  • Mark items as shoplifted or damaged or recall items already marked
  • Print barcoded price labels or jewelry tags
  • Create inventory buckets to sell items by quantity instead of item number.  Can be used to sell scrap gold etc...
  • Create inventory categories with their own search keys that lets our software intelligently guess an item's category as you enter it
  • Advanced inventory verification system lets you verify inventory, pawn or layaway items in whole or sub-groups to determine theft.  Unverified items can be bulk shoplifted or damaged to clean up inventory.  Use a bar code scanner to do 1 click verification.
  • Inventory break out system lets you easily convert bundled items on pawn tickets to individual items for sale
  • Foreclosure manager lets you easily foreclose pawned items as a group or by individual tickets or customers.  Send an overdue notice with one click from the foreclosure list for customers you want to give more time
  • Gun log editor lets you easily make changes to guns in your ATF gun book.


  • Dozens of reports give you every kind of information you could ever need about your business
  • Accounting
  • Bad debt
  • Customers
  • ATF gun reports
  • Financial transactions
  • Sales charts
  • Employees
  • Security
  • Check advances
  • Overdue pawns
  • Marketing analysis
  • State license forms
  • Far too many reports to list


Bad Checks

Bad Titles

Repossessed Vehicles

  • Bad check system allows you to manage collections for check advances, cashed checks or checks taken for payment on any type transaction
  • Bad title system allows you to manage collections for title pledge loans
  • Take payments at your location or setup any number of collection agents and track their progress and performance collecting for your store
  • Write-off uncollectable balances with the ability to return to active collection if you are able to get a payment after the fact
  • Print notice letters with the ability to add your own comments per account
  • Print statements for customers showing remaining balance due
  • Print forms to send to Teletrack (charge off or recovery) already filled in, just print and fax or if you're connected to the internet you can simply email directly to Teletrack for immediate processing
  • Track court judgements or bankruptcy
  • Add collection notes with automatic date and time stamp
  • Enter expenses on bad titles like repossession, wrecker or storage services which are then added to the balance due
  • Print all information for vehicle recovery for use by a repossession service.  Report includes driver's license scan, customer photo and vehicle photo if using a digital camera and/or the optional driver's license scanner
  • Track information required by states regarding repossessed vehicle sale or redemption
  • Print public auction signs or notices for vehicles ready to sale


Security Manager

Select User

  • Fully integrated security system lets you set employees up on five different levels
  • Each level can be setup for specific access to any menu choice or option available in the software - very detailed control over exactly what employees on a specific level can access
  • Quick change user feature available from every screen lets you quickly logout on a workstation and let another employee take over
  • Three security modes are available, the first mode is "disabled" which gives anyone permission to use anything in the program. "Level 1" requires an employee to login and "Level 2" requires an employee to key their password every time they do a transaction
  • Emergency Login feature allows us to give your company a code to bypass the security system in case of a forgotten password or an employee quits and a new employee has to open the store.  These codes are only given out by our tech support department to the registered owner of a store location.

Police Reporting

Sample Police Report Email

Photo Manager

  • Police reporting that can generate pdf files and email them to any number of agencies at the same time and can also produce common disk file formats like Leadsonline, BWI, Rapidnet, RISS, WSIN, NESPIN, Safe Reporting and many more which can be uploaded securely to the required agency or reporting company

  • Photo manager allows you to easily capture customer, ID card, item, fingerprint, check and title images via camera, license scanner, webcam, flatbed scanner or fingerprint scanner. Photos may also be loaded from your hard drive which allows you to capture them any way you like

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