System Requirements

Operating System

HI-Tech Pawn Software can be used on any version of Windows running either 32 or 64 bit versions. For ease of setup and networking we recommend Windows 7 64 bit on your main (server) machine.

Ticket and Report Printers

We recommend using HP Laser printers but literally any type of printer will work. Deskjet, inkjet and tractor fed type printers are not recommended due to the high cost of ink cartridges and slow printing speed with windows applications.

Label Printers




Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo

Zebra LP2844

Brother QL500

We've designed our software to support a wide variety of label sizes and manufacturers. The best all around solution is the Dymo LabelWriter series Twin Turbo label printers, they're inexpensive and let you load two different types of labels at the same time making it very convenient to use both standard labels and jewelry labels without having to switch label rolls or buy two printers.

Jewelry tag labels are not supported on the Brother label printers, if you need to print jewelry tags you will have to purchase a Dymo or Zebra brand label printer.

Label Supplies:

Standard labels supported on the Dymo printers include #30252 and #30336.

Jewelry labels supported on the Dymo printers include #30373 and #30299.

The 30299 label is not recommended due to problems with the label peeling off inside the printer.

The only jewelry label supported on the Zebra printers is #8000D.

For standard labels on the Brother printers use #DK1201

If you would like to use your own label design or a specific printer or stock not mentioned above we can add whatever you may need at no charge.

Receipt Printer


Star TSP 100 Series

We support the use of thermal receipt printers for renewal, redemption, partial fee payment, principal payment, purchase, sale, layaway and check settlement transactions. These are very popular with customers since the paper is small enough to fit in a wallet or purse. This type of printing also saves you money in paper and toner costs. If you would like to use this feature you will need a thermal receipt printer such as the Star TSP series, Epson TM series or Zebra RW series. Your receipt paper must be a minimum width of 80mm (3 1/8"). We recommend the Star TSP 100 series as one of the best printers available in this category.


You may use full page paper, half sheet perforated paper, A5 half sheet paper, 80mm thermal rolls and most Burrell pre-printed forms. If you have a specific Burrell form you would like to use that we don't already support just let us know and we will add it at no charge. If you would like pre-printed form samples call Mark at Burrell Printing (512) 990-1188.

Burrell Printing Website

Driver's License Scanner


Scanshell 800R

We support the ScanShell 800 series ID scanners. These scanners can be used to scan any ID or license and fill in your customer information automatically. We also capture a picture of the ID and store it with the customer information. Contact tech support before you order one of these so we can explain the differences between the various models supported.

Digital Cameras

Windows Compliant Digital Cameras

You may use any Windows compliant digital camera to import pictures of customers, cars or inventory items as needed. Pretty much any digital camera will work either by connecting it to your pc via usb cable or by inserting the media card from the camera into your computer. Pictures can then be automatically converted and resized to standard jpeg images as they are added to the program to avoid huge space requirements of megapixel photos.


Windows Compliant Webcams

You may use any Windows compliant webcam to capture pictures of customers or inventory items as needed.

Flatbed / Glass Scanners

Twain Compatible Flatbed Scanners

You may use any Windows Twain compatible flatbed scanner or glass type scanner including those found on most all-in-one printers available today. These scanners can be used to scan ID cards, vehicle titles, checks or small items like jewlery, coins and watches.

Fingerprint Scanners

Secugen Fingerprint Scanners

We support the entire product line of fingerprint scanners from Secugen and recommend their Hamster Pro scanners. Scanners from M2SYS can also be used since they are manufactured by Secugen too.

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