HI-Tech Pawn is licensed on a subscription basis with the first month free. If you want to continue using the product you can purchase monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly subscriptions based on the rate schedule below.

Your subscription entitles you to technical support six days a week and free product updates as they are released.

Our software has three modes and you only pay for the ones you need:

  • Pawn Shop Management (Includes ATF A & D Book)
  • Title Pledge Loans
  • Check Advance / Check Cashing

If you only need one mode like pawn transactions then your pricing is based on the one mode rates below. If you need two modes like pawn and title pledge transactions then your pricing is based on the two mode rates below, and if you need all three modes (pawn, title and check transactions) then your pricing is based on the three mode rates below.

You also get a discount by purchasing longer subscriptions, three months gets 5%, six months gets 10% and yearly subscriptions get a 15% discount off the monthly rate. The rate table below shows the prices with discounts already calculated. We also have volume discounts for customers operating at least 5 locations using our software. If you have 5-9 stores you receive an additional 5% discount. If you have 10 or more locations you get an additional 10% off.


1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

1 Year
















If you decide in the future you need to add another mode you can do so instantly by calling our sales department and updating your subscription.  We'll issue you a new product authorization code that will turn on the additional features you need immediately.

HI-Tech Pawn can be used on as many workstations as you like within your business.  There is no extra charge per workstation.  Each workstation can use its own printers or share printers connected to your network.

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