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6/24/2019 (2019-2QK) - Please make a backup before updating your software.

- Fixed issue where a corrupt error log file could prevent opening the software.

- Fixed issue when using the search box on the category selector that could result in an error.

- Added option to the inventory verification report to just report the item numbers. This prints 8 columns per page of sorted item numbers for companies that want to use a manual check list.

- Added option under setup - general options to round fees down to the nearest dollar at time of renewal or redemption.

6/19/2019 (2019-2QJ)

- Changed Kentucky pawn notice to show amount to renew the loan for 90 days instead of 30 (3 month renewal to current status).

- Updated custom Tennessee check advance contract to remove "attorney fees" from list of fees that may be charged on a collection.

6/14/2019 (2019-2QI)

- Added ability to create a custom line of text on Georgia plain paper full page form.

- Fixed issue where a final payment on a gun layaway with a background check did not show the background check fee on the sales receipt.

- Fixed issue where reprinting a sales receipt that included a handgun would ask about printing an ATF 3310 form even if there weren't multiple handgun sales (no form actually printed).

- Fixed issue where an ATF 3310 form might be printed for a date range beyond 5 days if the next sales ticket number was changed between two handgun sales transactions.

- Fixed issue with ATF 3310 form where Sunday was considered a business day when checking the previous 5 business days for another handgun sale.

- Fixed issue with ATF 3310 form where multiple pages are now printed if more than 6 handguns were sold to an individual during the previous 5 business days.

5/31/2019 (2019-2QH)

- Added option to notify about items with no storage location noted when starting a new business day.

- Added search feature in security levels editor to make it easier to locate a specific security option.

- Added RUN REPORT button to reports menu.

5/29/2019 (2019-2QG)

- Added option to buckets where sales and layaway receipts will use the bucket name and quantity sold instead of listing each item. This option can be activated for any bucket by going to the bucket manager and choosing manage bucket.

- Fixed issue with line item return thermal receipts where the source customer was listed next to each returned item.

5/28/2019 (2019-2QF)

- Added repeat customer button to all ticket screens and the view history function. Any customer that has done a transaction with an employee during the last 30 minutes will be displayed to that employee with a button that says "Customer Name Again".

- Added option to show customer references on outstanding pawns, overdue pawns and checks to deposit reports.

5/14/2019 (2019-2QE)

- Improved speed of sale void and line item return function.

- Updated transaction report to show cost on line item returns in the same format as sales.

- Updated ATF Master Gun Log report to try to solve issue happening with Kyocera printers.

- Added loan customer and retail customer options to the search records tool. A loan customer is defined as any account that has done a pawn or check advance. A retail customer is defined as any account that has been tied to a sale or layaway or has no history of a loan.

5/9/2019 (2019-2QD)

- Fixed bug in versions 2QA through 2QC where voiding a sale with multiple items would only void the first item on the sale.

5/7/2019 (2019-2QC)

- Fixed bug where integrity issues would be displayed if a sale was voided or a line item returned after a layaway foreclosure earlier in the same day or date range.

5/6/2019 (2019-2QB)

- Changed wording on Washington notices to say "A Friendly Reminder" instead of "Notice of Impending Forfeiture".

- Added option on police reporting to not include consigned items.

- Added option to check for online payments automatically on start up.

- Changed sales screen so that a discount can be applied to any or all items at any time during the sale.

- Sales screen will no longer allow an employee to apply a discount if they don't have permission to edit the retail price.

- Fixed issue with synchronizing online layaway payments when the layaway has a balance owed of one cent.

4/26/2019 (2019-2QA)

- Added line item returns option on void sale screen.

4/2/2019 (2019-2Q)

- Added security level options to control the ability to delete or replace photos.

- Added prompt to confirm replacing an existing photo.

- Added option to require entry of state database transaction number with new check advance loans (Alabama requirement).

3/28/2019 (2019-1QJ)

- Inventory browser description search now includes make and model.

- Added buttons for renew all or redeem all on the renewal / redemption tag screen.

- Added security level option for editing retail prices on sales or layaway screens.

- Added support for another Georgia drivers license barcode format.

- Additional changes to Alabama check advance contract and bad check notice letter as required by state examiners.

- Removed monthly firearm fee from Ohio rate setup, replaced with options for redemption background check fee.

- Added confirmation dialog when clicking print on the inventory browser.

- Additional changes for Belize customers.

3/26/2019 (2019-1QI)

- Updated the ATF address label for mailing a 3310 form.

- Added new numbering mode for check transactions so check advance and check cashing transactions can be numbered independently.

- Added state database reference number to check advance transactions for states that require an online check before writing a new loan.

- Updated the Alabama bad check notice letter to use legal wording required by state examiners.

- Fixed issue where vendor items were added to police reporting if the "No Customer Info" option was used.

3/8/2019 (2019-1QH)

- Added support for Belize pawnbrokers.

- Added support for Washington ID via standard barcode reader.

- Fixed issue where if a company had data conversion of items without the source tickets also converted and those items were retrieved for a re-pawn then they might not be included on police reporting. All customers who have had a data conversion should install this update as a precaution.

3/4/2019 (2019-1QG)

- Added detection of new activity on the prior business day after a final cash report was prepared. Warning is displayed when preparing and printing a new cash report until the previous day is re-prepared and balanced. Notification can be disabled by security level of employee.

- The optional holiday closing schedule is now ignored when writing or extending a Tennessee title pledge loan since state examiners have ruled this violates the law.

- Added ability to use a scanshell id scanner for acquiring a customer photo.

- The inventory editor screen now displays the redeemed, foreclosed, out for sale, layaway, sale and gun disposition dates (as applies) for the selected item.

- Added support for a user defined single line of text on Colorado pawn form.

- Warn if writing multiple loans for the same customer on the same day in Ohio (pledgor must initial form).

- Buyer signature can now be disabled on sales receipts.

- Added support for email verification via pawnbox system.

- Original loan date is now displayed on the renewal / redemption tag screen.

- Added support for Georgia ID card scans using a standard barcode reader.

- Fixed issue with drivers license scans where someone born in 2000 would get a date of birth of 1900 in states where only two digits of the year are shown.

- Fixed issue with using view mode on reprint ticket with a Utah pawn form.

2/5/2019 (2019-1QF)

- Simplified the layout of the employee editor.

- Added additional federal and state withholding and exempt from either options to the employee editor payroll options.

2/4/2019 (2019-1QE)

- Fixed issue with time clock payroll calculations when the employee name is less than 8 characters.

2/4/2019 (2019-1QD)

- Added time clock features with optional payroll integration.

1/18/2019 (2019-1QC)

- Added Oregon Interest Ledger report for state reporting requirements.

1/14/2019 (2019-1QB)

- Added additional option to Oklahoma renewal event printing to only print a standard renewal receipt.

- Added Tennessee plain paper half page (stacked) duplex pawn form.

- Added Georgia plain paper half page (stacked) duplex pawn form.

1/10/2019 (2019-1QA)

- Updated Georgia state withholding rates for 2019 payroll calculations.

- Updated Oklahoma renewal events to print an updated loan form (per examiner requirement) with the option to also print a renewal payment receipt.

1/2/2019 (2019-1Q)

- Updated federal withholding rates for 2019 payroll calculations.

- Updated Kentucky state withholding rates and calculation method for 2019 payroll calculations.

- Added employer to the Florida plain paper (modern) buy ticket.

- Note for our payroll users, remember that withholding amounts are only updated on the payroll screen when pressing ENTER on the gross pay amount during a payroll. Be sure to do this for all employees on your first pay cycle of 2019 and anytime a weekly gross pay amount changes for an employee.

12/19/2018 (2018-4QF)

- Additional improvements to the new online payment functions.

- Added optional ticket number prefixes for sales and layaways under the setup menu, numbering.

12/13/2018 (2018-4QE)

- Additional improvements to the new online payment functions.

- Fixed issue with Florida plain paper full page modern form where employer was not on the form.

- Note versions 4QC and 4QD were not publicly released.

11/29/2018 (2018-4QB)

- Added support for Pawn Payment Systems. PPS allows your customers to make payments for renewals and layaways online.

- Fixed issue with Ohio notices where large ticket numbers could be clipped.

- Fixed issue with retail zones refreshing and added ability to view / manage sold and layaway items in zones.

- Updated outstanding / overdue pawns report to show cell phone number instead of home phone number by default.

- Added last renewal date to outstanding / overdue pawns report.

- Added website and email address to Georgia Burrell 10-1009 pawn laser form.

10/16/2018 (2018-4QA)

- Added support for barcode scanning of Florida ANSI 636010090002 style IDs.

- Added date last renewed to renewal / redemption tag screen grid.

- The name on "Miscellaneous Income (Non P & L)" buttons can now be customized on the setup menu under END DAY REPORTING.

10/1/2018 (2018-4Q)

- Fixed issue with showing summary markup / margin on the employee sales report.

- Changed the method used to calculate Indiana late fees per examiner request.

- Added option to search records under customers to select customers with open loans only.

- Added SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) to firearm types.

- Increased owner marks / initials from 4 to 10 characters.

9/25/2018 (2018-3QG)

- Added VIEW option to reprint ticket which allows you to view any ticket or form on screen and optionally save as pdf, excel or image file.

- The cash report will now ignore previous days with no activity or cash count when determining startup cash.

- Added new option to ban a customer from any transaction involving a firearm (pawn/buy/consign/sale/layaway).

- Added employee who took in item to inventory editor screen.

- Added option on purchase labels to print as jewelry tags.

- Added last notice date to renew /redeem tag screen.

- Added option to print firearm S/N on layaway labels.

- Added ATF firearm types for Derringer, Suppressor / Silencer and Machine Gun.

- Added red, green and purple to gun finish options.

- Added two tone and rose gold to jewelry metal types.

- Added box chain, cuban and mariner to jewelry styles.

- Fixed bug on zone sales analysis report.

9/11/2018 (2018-3QF)

- Added support for Florida drivers license info scanned with standard barcode reader.

- Added requested text to Virginia Burrell 10-4609 custom form (The Pawn Shop).

9/10/2018 (2018-3QE)

- Added support for Louisiana Deferred Presentment using plain paper or the Burrell 13-1809 form.

7/11/2018 (2018-3QD)

- Added options to LeadsOnline police reporting to control what customer information is sent to them.

7/5/2018 (2018-3QC)

- Added declaration of late fee charges on Virginia Burrell forms (required to collect the fee).

- Updated Utah Title Pledge form to show late clause with truth in lending disclosure per state examiner request.

- Fixed issue with Ontario check advance where a user could adjust the extended payment plan in a way that no longer added up to the total owed.

7/3/2018 (2018-3QB)

- Added support for the new Virginia additional late fee option which became effective on 7/1/18.

7/2/2018 (2018-3QA)

- Fixed issue with long company names in consigned information on FFL license transfers.

7/2/2018 (2018-3Q)

- Updated Ontario check advance to new legal requirements effective 7/1/18.

6/19/2018 (2018-2QE)

- Made changes to the Alabama plain paper full page pawn contract requested by a state examiner.

6/15/2018 (2018-2QD)

- Added amount minimum and maximum filter to the transaction report allowing you to search for specific amounts during any date range.

- Added support for ATF form 3310 section 14a. You can now specify the name and address of the agency receiving copy 2 under the setup menu, company setup and it will be printed on the 3310 form.

- Fixed an issue with the closed holiday schedule where a Federal holiday may not be on the actual holiday like when Christmas is on a Saturday both Friday and Saturday are considered holiday dates.

- Added option under setup menu, company setup to disable firearm entry on new pawns or purchases so employees don't accidentally add a gun entry when the store does not have a Federal Firearms License.

- Added setup screen and account verification for Pawn Payment Solutions subscribers. Full support will be released in the next few days.

6/5/2018 (2018-2QC)

- Added requested additional information to custom auditing tool for Virginia.

5/1/2018 (2018-2QB)

- Added custom auditing tool for Virginia.

4/18/2018 (2018-2QA)

- Changed method of calculating interest in Oregon APR.

- Changed Oregon interest fees to charge a minimum of the first 30 days on a loan and per day after that.

- Added government fees to transaction report (Currently only used in Oregon).

- Added computer name to logged in employee information.

- Updated software to display dates in british format when operating in England.

4/2/2018 (2018-2Q)

- Added an option to the employee sales report to show results for the sales employees or acquisition employees.

3/23/2018 (2018-1QK)

- Added support for Georgia Burrell 10-1001 pawn laser form.

- Added an option to the outstanding pawns report to show results for a past date.

- Fixed issue with inventory out for sale dates when the hold period is 0 days.

3/16/2018 (2018-1QJ)

- Updated automatic MLA feature to support the new website design. Once the MLA page appears you will now select the SSN option then click the FILL IN FORM button.

- Added option on Ohio rate setup screen to extend loans to the same day each month or exactly 30 days at a time.

3/7/2018 (2018-1QI)

- Fixed reported issues related to the forfeit date on loans older than 3/28/17 in Ohio.

- Added security access option for the ability to recall a damaged or stolen item to inventory.

- Added security access option for the ability to retrieve an item from a customer's history on a pawn or purchase transaction.

2/27/2018 (2018-1QH)

- Added Arkansas half sheet pawn ticket.

2/22/2018 (2018-1QG)

- Added store closing and holiday schedule to the setup menu which can be used to prevent a due date from falling on a day when the business is closed. When a due date would fall on a closed day it is advanced to the next available open business date with no additional charge to the customer. This is an optional feature in most states but a requirement in Alabama to avoid state examiner violations.

2/16/2018 (2018-1QE)

- Added option to enable or disable source ticket number on retail inventory labels.

2/14/2018 (2018-1QD)

- Updated payroll system to calculate 2018 federal withholding via the percentage method since new tables have not been published yet.

2/13/2018 (2018-1QC)

- Updated Oregon pawn contract to show interest due on due date instead of the first month.

- Updated accounting reports to handle layaways converted to sales using a method easier to audit. Now all layaway payments are shown instead of just payments that didn't result in a sale and the prior layaway in sales reverses the entire sale amount. An option on the setup menu under end day reporting will allow switching back to the classic method if desired.

- Fixed bug on the generic principal payment thermal receipt.

- Updated Utah State Spreadsheet reporting tool to allow a date range of outstanding delayed deposit loans.

2/1/2018 (2018-1QA)

- Added over / short accounting report to identify out of balance starting or closing for any date range.

- Fixed startup out of balance that showed an overage as a negative number.

- Multiple improvements to the standard label system including cost as an option on purchase storage labels, jewelry size on retail tags, make, model and other elements, firearm descriptions are no longer cut off when they're too long, extra lines added to some labels, and an option to show an alternate item number from a data conversion.

1/23/2018 (2018-1Q)

- Additional revisions to Oregon support to handle interest, firearms and government fees on renewals and redemptions correctly.

- Updated Arizona renewal terms and conditions.

12/18/2017 (2017-4QD)

- Additional adjustments to the Oregon Burrell 10-3709.

12/18/2017 (2017-4QC)

- Changed generic half sheet sales receipt so that amount tendered, change due and gun background checks are all in the same column as the regular sales totals.

12/18/2017 (2017-4QB)

- Added support for Oregon pawnbrokers (beta version).

12/15/2017 (2017-4QA)

- Additional adjustments for Mississippi and Alabama driver's license barcodes.

12/15/2017 (2017-4Q)

- Added two additional sub-category levels to category system.

- Added support for Mississippi and Alabama driver's license barcodes.

- Fixed issue with Ohio custom half sheet that prevented multiple items from printing on a purchase receipt.

- Improved performance of the inventory verification tool including automatic disabling of live stats on a network workstation. A refresh button has been added so a workstation can update those stats as needed during a verification process.

9/28/2017 (2017-3QG)

- Customer Notices now print sorted by customer name.

- Outstanding inventory assets can now be written to an excel spreadsheet in a format which can be imported into Quickbooks. This new feature is found on the accounting menu labeled as Quickbooks Data File.

- Updated the Utah Deferred Presentment contract with changes requested by state examiners.

9/6/2017 (2017-3QF)

- Updated South Carolina notices per state examiner requirements.

8/25/2017 (2017-3QE)

- Fixed additional issue with Ohio notices related to loans written prior to 3/28/17.

- Updated Outstanding Pawns Report to recalculate all late fee amounts prior to preparation.

- Added the ability to select a single customer for the outstanding pawns, overdue pawns and checks to deposit reports.

8/22/2017 (2017-3QD)

- Fixed issues related to increasing or paying principal on loans written prior to 3/28/17 in Ohio.

8/7/2017 (2017-3QC)

- Added multiple pawns on same day disclaimer to Ohio Burrell form.

- Added category selection and summary or detailed mode options to the Employee Sales report.

- Added option under legal settings to require a valid SSN or "NONE" be entered on the second form of ID before allowing a pawn or check advance to be saved.

7/28/2017 (2017-3QB)

- Added option to default to only firearms on police reporting setup.

- Added option to remove all customer specific information from view, print or email police reporting.

- Added custom TN plain paper full page form with a 60 day default clause instead of 30.

- Various minor bug fixes.

7/13/2017 (2017-3QA)

- Completed integration of notice fees into renewal and redemption transactions. Any unpaid notice fees are shown in a new fee box on the renewal and redemption screens. The user can forgive or reduce those fees and those notices will be flagged as settled upon saving the ticket regardless of what may have been charged on the transaction. Voiding any transaction that included notice fees will return those notices to unpaid status.

7/5/2017 (2017-3Q)

- Added Notices Mailed report for verification by the Post Office of notices sent.

6/27/2017 (2017-2QL)

- Added option to the transaction report to sort by customer name.

- Added custom Arkansas A5 pawn form (D & K).

- Fixed bug when deleting an expense paid by EFT check where the check transaction did not get voided.

- Added foreclosure as one of the reporting modes available on the marketing analysis report and fixed two problems with the sales mode.

6/20/2017 (2017-2QK)

- Fixed issues with Ohio notices for loans written prior to 3/28/17. An alternate fee amount can now be set on the notices screen and defaults to $2.00. In addition these loans will have a notice triggered 30 days earlier than new loans based on the current age setting you are using and the fee amount on the actual notice will use the correct amount based on the loan date.

6/9/2017 (2017-2QJ)

- Fixed Ohio forfeit date issues on forms and the foreclosure manager. Loans written prior to 3/28/17 will now correctly show a forfeit date 63 days past the due date instead of 93.

- Updated zip code 37769 to Rocky Top, TN.

6/5/2017 (2017-2QI)

- Added Utah Deferred Deposit and Title Loan examiner spreadsheets to the reports menu.

6/1/2017 (2017-2QH)

- Added option on Virginia interest and fee rates to only charge the ERM (record keeping and police reporting fee) once per loan. When activating this feature the APR is adjusted to 12 months of interest and storage and 1 month of ERM. The ERM fee is only charged on the first renewal or if the loan has never been renewed on the redemption.

5/30/2017 (2017-2QG)

- Updated layaway verification report with options to sort by ticket or storage location and date range of layaway. Improved report layout and added new columns for storage location and layaway customer.

5/27/2017 (2017-2QF)

- Added new feature on customer editor to scan their information from the 2D barcode on the rear of their driver's license using a standard barcode reader.

- Changes to Mack's Highway Market custom check advance form.

- Changes to Washington Street Pawnbrokers custom pawn form.

5/19/2017 (2017-2QE)

- Added Massachusetts plain paper full page pawn laser form.

5/19/2017 (2017-2QD)

- Added new retail zones feature that allows you to assign items to a floor zone like a jewelry case or guitar rack etc.

- Complete overhaul of item verification system which now includes logging and reporting with audible prompts for totally hands free one person verification. Added the ability to verify by retail zone.

- Added Retail Zone Sales Analysis report to evaluate performance by shop floor zone.

4/11/2017 (2017-2QC)

- Updated renewal label to properly show both fees and principal paid.

- Added option to chart purchases by category report to exclude items from store transfers.

- Fixed typo on several Florida forms.

- Updated custom Florida form for Hess Fine Arts.

- Added purchase hold period for firearms, be sure to set the number of days on the setup menu under legal settings as soon as you update to this version.

- Fixed minor problems with displaying a purchased item's out for sale date on some tickets and labels.

- All contracts, forms, reports and police reporting will now use the cell number instead of the home phone number when one has been entered.

4/6/2017 (2017-2QB)

- Updated New York pawn notice text to clearly identify the forfeiture date instead of the due date.

- Minor requested changes to the Fort Knox custom pawn form.

4/5/2017 (2017-2QA)

- Added Ontario payday loan activity report.

- Fixed issue with viewing the Tennessee analysis of regulated business activity reports.

4/3/2017 (2017-2Q)

- Added Ohio Burrell pawn form 10-3509 (2017 version)

3/31/2017 (2017-1QJ)

- Added Indiana check advance contract.

- Added a marketing tab to the search records tool. Use this to get a report, spreadsheet or mailing labels for customers who haven't done a loan in the number of months you specify. Includes options for pawn, title pledge or check advance customers and customers with a current loan, bad debt, alerts, stolen items or are banned from new loans are automatically removed from the results.

3/28/2017 (2017-1QI)

- Fixed problem with previous installer.

3/28/2017 (2017-1QH)

- Added changes to forms, rates and forfeit age for Ohio pawn law changes effective today.

- Fixed issue with retrieving items when operating in New York.

2/23/2017 (2017-1QG)

- Added the ability to manually edit the fee and interest dollar amounts for a pawn during ticket entry. This feature is enabled under the same security option used to allow editing of percentage rates.

- Added custom New York plain paper full page form (Fort Knox).

2/17/2017 (2017-1QF)

- Updated payroll system to properly handle Georgia state withholding calculations. You will need to enter the number of allowances from the employee's G4 form on their employee information screen in the box labeled State Allowances.

- Fixed issue with Florida Burrell form 10-0909 where consignments were indicated as purchases on the box at the top right of the form.

2/10/2017 (2017-1QE)

- Updated the MLA verification features to use the new website URL.

- Removed the "If Paid By" section from the Ohio notice letter.

- Added a custom email footer message to be added to every email sent. This can be edited in the email manager

- Added option to change the word renewal to extension on printed forms.

2/6/2017 (2017-1QD)

- Added new accounting report "Activity Summary" as an output option on the cash report and cash report for date range.

- Leadsonline and BWI police reporting will now default to a cell phone number instead of home phone number if one has been entered.

- Added item numbers and fixed problem with the buy ticket on the custom Kentucky half sheet form for Shady Ray's.

1/18/2017 (2017-1QC)

- Added custom Kentucky half page pawn form (Shady Rays).

- Added option on New York rate setup to use an alternate insurance rate for jewelry items.

1/12/2017 (2017-1QB)

- Updated Ohio notices to include notice letter fees.

- Added custom Arizona plain paper full page form (Tombstone).

1/9/2017 (2017-1Q)

- Added a calendar icon next to every date entry field. Use this icon to select a date using a traditional calendar type entry form.

- Added the ability to tell a customer how much it will cost to renew or redeem tickets on a future date. Use the standard renew / redeem screen to tag the tickets then use the "Tagged Total on a Future Date" option on the left hand side of the screen.

- The automatic MLA screen can now be closed by clicking the red X in the upper right corner.

- Updated the federal withholding tables used for calculating payroll to the 2017 values.

- Added a new security option which can be used to prevent an employee from deleting an expense.

- Added option to remove retail price from inventory labels. This can be activated on the setup menu under printers using the label options tab.

- Added clause about gun background check on Tennessee plain paper full page pawn form when the loan includes a firearm.

- Fixed bug where paying payroll using our bank account system may get trapped in a loop of multiple check entry.

- Added 35% to the discount options on the sale ticket entry screen.

12/12/2016 (2016-4QJ)

- Fixed issue with early redemption in Washington caused by the previous update.

12/9/2016 (2016-4QI)

- Redesigned half sheet sales receipts to allow more items per page.

- Fixed issue when entering multiple checks to pay for a pawn, purchase or check advance where the checks would all print the same check number.

- Fixed issue on gun redemption receipts where if the redemption had been voided on a prior date and redeemed again the gun background check fee on the receipt would show the wrong amount.

- Fixed issue where a pawn redeemed on the same day would not charge the monthly fee if the due date on the same day the next month was 31 days from today.

- Added open layaways and the next payment date and amount to the web upload open pawns data file output.

- Added the total loaned and total retail to the inventory browser for the currently selected items.

- Added option to sort by category on all chart items reports.

- Added the ability to sort columns on the inventory browser by clicking the column name with the option to make the current sort order the default way to sort the items.

- Fixed issue on the bad title manager where the past due fees amount would be reset after manually editing the amount.

- Fixed issue with custom logo thermal sales receipts where the amount tendered would print across the total line.

12/5/2016 (2016-4QH)

- Added Virginia 80mm thermal and plain paper full page custom forms for Moe's Pawn.

11/30/2016 (2016-4QG)

- Added Ohio plain paper custom half sheet form for South Euclid Pawn.

11/21/2016 (2016-4QF)

- Added the option to write pawns, purchases and check advances using multiple checks from a bank account. This makes it possible to do things like a title loan where a check is written to both the customer and to a state agency for a lien fee.

11/4/2016 (2016-4QE)

- Added an option to put the original loan date on loan payment receipts. This option is on the setup menu under printers. Click the form options tab and the setting is in the payments column.

11/2/2016 (2016-4QD)

- Fixed bug where a purchase customer (this visit) photo was not uploaded to Leadsonline police reporting.

- The view / print / email version of the police report now properly supports the option to not display social security numbers when they're entered as the second form of ID.

10/31/2016 (2016-4QC)

- Added optional ACH Authorization form to allow payment of a check advance loan via electronic funds transfer. This feature can be activated on the setup menu under check advance / cashing or one can be printed on demand for any check advance via reprint ticket.

- Showing a customer's history when starting a new transaction is now optional and can be turned off via the setup menu under general options by unchecking "Enable Customer History".

- Selecting an employee when saving a transaction is now optional when the user security system is disabled. This option is available via the setup menu under general options by checking "Turn Off User Selection when Security is Disabled".

- Since customer social security numbers are now being stored in the second form of ID for use with the MLA requirements we now use the option under police reporting to include the social security when uploading data. If this option is unchecked the SSN will not be uploaded to Leadsonline, BWI, RISS and all other online data systems.

- Added better controls for required customer information. You can now choose to require first name, date of birth, address, state, zip code, ID type, ID number, ID state, ID expiration, race, sex, height, eye color, hair color, weight, email address, and how they found your store. In addition these can now be required when adding any customer or only when you're trying to save a new pawn, buy, check advance or check cashing. You can also activate a system administrator or manager override which gives users on those levels the option to continue saving anyway. These settings are now managed on the setup menu under legal settings.

- Fixed issue with layaway payment quantity (number of tickets) not being included in the total received quantity on financial reports.

- Fixed issue where a customer or ticket discount could be set to more than 100%.

- Fixed minor bug caused when the "Can't Redeem" screen was displayed for a title in collections.

10/17/2016 (2016-4QB)

- Added security option to allow an employee to change a layaway due date from the layaway payment screen.

- Added open pawns csv file option to the web upload reporting tool.

10/7/2016 (2016-4QA)

- Some customers have reported our new Automatic MLA feature will sometimes not fill in the fields every time on a workstation so we have added this update to solve that.

- Improved detection of MLA website busy before filling in automatic MLA information.

- Added FILL IN FIELDS AGAIN button to the automatic MLA screen for any stations that still have issues with the fields being blank sometimes.

- Added two new sections to the Covered Borrower ID Statement (reports menu) for customers that are not willing to provide an SSN or customers that do not have an SSN with a place for them to sign and date the form.

10/6/2016 (2016-4Q)

- Major upgrades to our Military Lending Act features, all customers are urged to update immediately.

- New automated MLA verification will open the MLA website and fill in the customer's information for you with a single click. Just click SUBMIT and print the PDF certification and you're done in seconds and your customer doesn't even have to know you just checked them. This will eliminate problems with customers once they have given you a social security number and you note it as their second form of ID.

- New options under the SETUP MENU - LEGAL SETTINGS let you choose if you want to be warned if you're saving a ticket without doing an MLA verification and also if you want to include the customer's first name when doing the certification (optional on MLA site).

- Added new military disclosure for use with check advance transactions noted as military loans.

- Added new transaction type to the transaction report "Redeem Increased" which shows you when an employee increased the redemption fees amount beyond the amount calculated by the software.

- Added new corrupt index detection when saving loan payment transactions that will warn you if a system cleaning is needed instead of saving a transaction that doesn't properly update the customer account.

9/27/2016 (2016-3QZ)

- Updated our scanner software to support more models of scanners. If you are using a flatbed or printer scanner you will also need to update your HTP Scanner & Webcam Support Library to version 4.0 (see link above).

- Added option on check advance customer checks to make the middle check the voided copy for your records.

9/19/2016 (2016-3QY)

- Updated the hyperlink to the latest MLA verification website on the pawn and check advance screens.

- Fixed two minor issues (not affecting calculations) on the tax liability report.

9/15/2016 (2016-3QX)

- Fixed issues with properly setting the 36% APR for the Military Lending Act in Louisiana, New York, New Jersey and Washington.

- Added the option to print company loan, purchase and expense checks on 3 part blank check stock.

9/13/2016 (2016-3QW)

- Fixed issue with LeadsOnline police reporting where under rare circumstances a second form of ID would not be reported correctly.

- Added primary ID expiration date to LeadsOnline police reporting.

9/12/2016 (2016-3QV)

- Added Military Lending Act Disclosure form which will print using the same settings and form type as your renewal ticket whenever you agree to do an MLA loan.

- Added support for the Arkansas 10-0407 Burrell form.

- Fixed issue with printing a list of jewelry labels from the inventory browser when using a Zebra printer.

- Manual editing of a due date now properly updates the renewal count when using same day each month mode.

9/1/2016 (2016-3QU)

- Fixed issues with uploading to LeadsOnline Police Reporting caused by the previous BWI update 2016-3QT.

8/30/2016 (2016-3QT)

- Fixed issues with uploading to BWI Police Reporting for customers using their southrapid server.

8/29/2016 (2016-3QS)

- Added a new and improved version of the old QUICK NET RECEIPTS to the multi-drawer manager.

- Added option to force renewals to extend to the same day each month instead of exactly 30 days. Please consult your state laws or contact us to help you determine if this setting is allowed in your state. This setting is disabled if you are using renew from today mode

- Increased the South Carolina loan limit to $15,000 based on a recently enacted amendment to the pawnbrokers act.

- Added a feature required by Puerto Rico law to stop charging fees when a loan has been extended 15 months.

- The option to show jewelry weight and unit of measurement on the label options menu now applies to all label types that show item descriptions, not just jewelry labels.

8/22/2016 (2016-3QR)

- Added a detailed mode to the transaction report which will include details of the items involved on pawn, buy, sale, layaway and foreclosure transactions including the item number, description and loan amount, cost or retail price.

- Added option on the setup menu under general options to force capital letters when entering model numbers.

8/16/2016 (2016-3QQ)

- Added option for jewelry only on inventory items purchased report.

- Improved handling of last names with a suffix like Jr, Sr, III etc. These names are now sorted correctly using the first name when searching for customers or running reports sorted by customer name. For example searching for SMITH CH will now show Charles Smith, Charles Smith Jr and Charles Smith Sr together in the results list.

- Improved handling of manual gun entries including deletion of the manual gun and resetting the next gun book number if you cancel editing of the manual gun entry during the original add.

8/10/2016 (2016-3QP)

- Fixed issue with printing check advance checks when the bank account number is over 10 digits.

8/9/2016 (2016-3QO)

- Added optional customer or specific ticket fee discount percentage which can always be applied or only if the ticket is on time. This discount can be added, edited or removed from the renewal / redemption ticket screen and the ability to manage discounts is a security option under your control.

- Fixed an issue where if you operate in a state that charges tax on fees and chose tax exempt from the tag screen you had to choose it again on the individual renewal screens.

- Updated custom forms for The Pawn Shop VA with an additional eBay seller ID.

- Added custom purchase form for Hess Fine Art FL.

- Added the ability to upload accounting data to both an owner and a cpa ftp account for use with our multi-store manager.

8/1/2016 (2016-3QN)

- Added support for the Dymo 30334 2.25 x 1.25 label stock.

7/28/2016 (2016-3QM)

- Added options on the tax liability report to only show sales to a specific customer or state.

7/26/2016 (2016-3QL)

- Expanded bucket sales to allow up to 9999 items on a single sale.

- Added requested clause to Mississippi plain paper full page pawn form.

7/26/2016 (2016-3QK)

- Custom Burrell forms now use the item loan form option.

- Added new FTP data upload capability from the cash report and cash report for data range. This feature is used to transmit accounting information for use in our Multi-Store Manager for multiple location owners.

- Updated the Multi-Store Manager to automatically download store accounting data from an FTP server and support pawn increase and fee tax transactions.

7/20/2016 (2016-3QJ)

- Fixed issue with custom Grandin Pawnshop Burrell form.

7/20/2016 (2016-3QI)

- Fixed issue with sending text messages when the company name includes special characters.

- Added custom forms for Grandin Pawnshop.

- Added 12kt to jewelry options.

7/18/2016 (2016-3QH)

- Enabled marketing analysis report for check advance / check cashing customers.

- Fixed issue with half sheet and A5 forms where long descriptions might be clipped off.

- Check for expired ID is now performed as soon as you select the customer when starting a pawn, purchase, title pledge or check advance.

- Additional refinements to the Utah 60 day pawn renewal fee entry screen.

- Internet ad and internet search now appear on advertising results on the marketing analysis report.

7/12/2016 (2016-3QG)

- Additional changes to how Utah 60 day loan renewal and late fees are calculated.

- Added option to force Dymo jewelry labels to print on the right roll on a Twin Turbo over a network.

- Added option to inventory browser to copy an individual or a list of item descriptions with item number and price to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste the listings into a website like Facebook or a word document.

7/11/2016 (2016-3QF)

- Changed how early redemption fees are discounted on 60 day Utah pawn contracts.

- Added customer signature "X" on Tennessee check advance form and covered borrower ID statement.

7/8/2016 (2016-3QE)

- Fixed issue with check advance customer checks showing the post date instead of the contract date.

7/8/2016 (2016-3QD)

- Added missing lines to check advance SFSL2 check stock.

7/7/2016 (2016-3QC)

- Added a new feature to the reprint ticket screen called TODAY'S TRANSACTIONS. When you click this button a list of all the day's transactions are displayed in the order they happened with date, time, employee, ticket, description, amount and customer. You may then reprint any highlighted ticket or multiple payment receipt or click more options to show all possible forms with the selected ticket.

- Amount tendered entered on the tag renewal / redemption screen is now carried to an individual ticket if only one ticket is tagged.

- Added arbitration clause to Arkansas renewal form for customers using the Arkansas full page pawn form with arbitration clause.

7/6/2016 (2016-3QB)

- Major improvements to the renewal and redemption payment tag screen including amount tendered entry, select employee only occurs once for all tagged tickets, option to save all tagged tickets at once and option for a single receipt for all tagged tickets.

7/5/2016 (2016-3QA)

- Added option for how upload and transaction times are sent to BWI police reporting because a recent change to some of their servers may report the incorrect time to your police department.

7/1/2016 (2016-3Q)

- Added new multiple payment receipt which can be used when tagging several tickets to renew or redeem. This receipt will list renewals, partial fee payments, principal payments, principal increases and redemptions on a single ticket instead of a receipt for each transaction. Under the SETUP MENU - PRINTERS you can set a preference for printing the multiple payment receipt to always, never or ask whenever multiple tickets are tagged.

- Added new variation of the Arkansas plain paper full page pawn ticket that includes an arbitration agreement.

6/22/2016 (2016-2QQ)

- Fixed issue with some of the New York purchase forms that were not printing the 2nd hand dealer ID number.

- Improved the check advance check printing dialogs.

- Fixed issue where customer names were shown as anonymous on the transaction report if their customer account number started with blanks.

6/21/2016 (2016-2QP)

- Added support for printing a check for a check advance loan when the customer does not have any checks. Requires blank laser check stock Safeguard SFSL2 or equivalent, magnetic toner and installation of MICR true type font to avoid manual processing fee from your bank.

- Updated the Department of Defense Military Lending Act verification website hyperlink to the new address.

6/17/2016 (2016-2QO)

- Entire list label printing mode is now enabled for any query in the inventory browser.

- Fixed some inventory reports that showed the out for sale (release) date as the last day of the hold period instead of the following day.

6/15/2016 (2016-2QN)

- Added new label printing option on the inventory browser which allows you to print the entire selected list as labels.

6/6/2016 (2016-2QM)

- Added option to view, print or email version of police report to use a new page for each ticket.

- Fixed issue where some buy tickets referred to the customer as Pledgor instead of Seller.

- Added custom Virginia Burrell and 80mm thermal receipt for The Pawnshop in Roanoke VA.

- Added option to block id, customer, fingerprint or item photos from being uploaded to police data systems.

- Added option to search records tool to select only SMS subscribers.

- Customer search reports now display the cell number by default.

- Added option to exclude the selected category on the inventory verification report.

- Retail labels printed for new (not used) firearms will now display the word "New" in front of the gun description.

5/31/2016 (2016-2QL)

- Customer selection screen now shows if a customer has a valid email address and / or has subscribed to SMS text messages.

- Improved the photo on file indicator on the photo manager.

- Updated inventory browser to improve speed when using lots of categories.

5/27/2016 (2016-2QK)

- Added category to item descriptions on South Dakota McLeod pre-printed form.

5/26/2016 (2016-2QJ)

- Added metrics for customer zipcode to marketing analysis report.

- Added form option to display the quantity of renewals on renewal forms.

- When searching for a customer by phone number the results now include cell phone numbers too.

- The customer selector now displays cell number instead of home phone number when both are entered.

- Utah Title Pledge and Check Advance forms now respect the form option to display a privacy notice.

5/24/2016 (2016-2QI)

- Fixed issue with Arizona renewal forms.

5/24/2016 (2016-2QH)

- Added support for Datamax TT306 jewelry labels (rat tail style).

- Added email option to Inventory Items Sold report.

- Added option to require email address or how store was found when adding a customer. These two options can be activated on the setup menu under legal settings.

- Fixed issue where advanced rate options could be activated in a state that does not allow them.

5/17/2016 (2016-2QG)

- Fixed issue with data integrity checks listing the new pawn increase ticket as invalid.

5/17/2016 (2016-2QF)

- Updated text message system to use the proper production server from Solutions By Text.

- Fixed issue with half page layaway and sales forms where large item numbers were clipped.

5/12/2016 (2016-2QE)

- Added text messaging (SMS) capability for all notice types.

4/27/2016 (2016-2QD)

- Fixed issue with manually flagging pawn and title notices from the new notices manager.

4/19/2016 (2016-2QC)

- Added custom Virginia Burrell form 10-4609 for Blue Ridge Pawn.

- Vendors with a primary ID (like an FFL) and an expiration date are now included when checking to see if an ID has expired.

4/14/2016 (2016-2QB)

- Added custom Virginia thermal receipt for Blue Ridge Pawn.

4/13/2016 (2016-2QA)

- Updated Leadsonline police reporting to send full middle name (if entered), full item descriptions (basic descriptions were cut to the first 30 characters in the past) and proper handling of an empty date of birth.

- Forfeit date on the renewal / redeem tag screen now matches the forfeit date on the foreclosure manager and modern ticket forms.

- All system passwords for email, ftp upload and employees are now hidden with the pound symbol.

- Fixed bug from version 2016-2Q which prevented Tennessee title pledge renewal notices from printing.

- Added new website data upload tool that allows users to upload retail data to an ecommerce website. If your store needs to be able to do this just contact us with details of what you need with your website and we will add it to this tool.

4/11/2016 (2016-2Q)

- Updated noticing system adds new features including check advance and layaway notices and delivery via email.

- Added ability to use a scanned signature on notices.

- Users can now enter extra info like mailed on date, sale type, location, date and time required on New Jersey, Kentucky and South Carolina pawn notices.

- Fixed issues with retrieving gold and silver prices from Kitco.

- Added option to remove customer address from appearing on tickets.

- Added option to only show the last 4 digits of a customer ID number on tickets.

- Fixed issue when an employee has been denied access to all reports.

- Fixed issue with hair color on landscape version of the Maryland police form.

2/22/2016 (2016-1QB)

- Fixed bug when adding a manifest cost.

- Fixed issue when selecting a trade ticket when there are many items on the original buy ticket.

- Added custom text line to Missouri plain paper full page form.

1/19/2016 (2016-1QA)

- Updated the Tennessee Title Pledge contract with the new address of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions. All title pledge lenders in the state of Tennessee should install this update now to avoid an examiner violation on your next exam.

- Fixed an issue with the Tennessee Title Pledge renewal notice showing a one month renewal period when the customer owes more than one month to be current.

- Fixed a typo on the Florida Plain Paper Full Page (Classic) form.

- Added new options to the Inventory Items Sold report that now allow selecting the source customer or vendor, the sold to customer, the employee that made the sale and specific text in the item description, serial number or other field. In addition you can now optionally show the name of the customer the items were sold to.

1/12/2016 (2016-1Q)

- Added the Colorado Plain Paper Full Page v2 form which adds the property questions to each line item.

- Updated the Utah Title Pledge form to show the itemization of the amount financed as requested by state examiners.

- Updated the Alabama Plain Paper Full Page form so that only the APR and Finance Charge are highlighted in the truth in lending disclosure as requested by state examiners.

- Added the Florida Plain Paper Full Page (Modern) form which changes the layout to allow many more items on a single ticket and changes the Buy / Consign form to print on a single page. You will need to submit the updated form to the state for approval if you change from the (Classic) version.

12/30/2015 (2015-4QQ)

- Added variation of North Carolina plain paper full page pawn form that prints on a single page.

- ID card scans now auto-detect if a scanned height is in feet and inches or just total inches.

- Added the ability to add, edit or delete email addresses on the fly while sending an email. This feature can be disabled for specific employees under security levels -> setup -> email addresses (add/edit/delete).

- Updated federal withholding tables for 2016 payroll, install this update after your final payroll of 2015 and before your first payroll of 2016.

12/29/2015 (2015-4QP)

- Added Amortization Quote to the reports list. Use this tool to give a customer a payment plan quote using any principal amount, lending rate, number of payments and when principal payments should begin.

- Added information to the Kentucky overdue notice letter regarding the ability to renew the loan and the amount required for a renewal.

- Added additional loan ranges (up to $1500) to the loan amount breakdown on the marketing analysis report.

- Fixed minor problem with the TN Burrell 24-4209 form.

- Added total paid on each layaway to the voided layaways report.

- Added Illinois plain paper full page contract.

12/14/2015 (2015-4QO)

- Additional changes to Missoula Montana XLS police reporting.

- Adjusted height of business statistics report for customers using inkjet printers.

12/12/2015 (2015-4QN)

- Added custom form for Washington Street Pawn.

12/08/2015 (2015-4QM)

- Updated Missoula Montana XLS style police reporting.

- Updated Georgia T4 discharge of lien form.

12/03/2015 (2015-4QL)

- Updated Utah check disclosure and acknowledgement form per state examiner request.

12/02/2015 (2015-4QK)

- Updated truth in lending disclosure payment schedule clause on Utah Title Pledge form.

- Added option to remove late fee clause from Utah Title Pledge form.

- Fixed "variable MLOST not found" bug when tagging renewal / redeem with a minimum fee involved.

12/01/2015 (2015-4QJ)

- Changed Missoula Montana custom police report to an Excel format.

- Added Ontario full page pawn form that can be customized.

- Improved ID scanner search for customer capabililty.

11/27/2015 (2015-4QI)

- Added optional tax on fee income required in some legal zones. The fees tax rate can be set on the setup menu under legal settings. Fees tax is enabled by setting this tax rate to a non-zero percentage.

- Updated OFAC compliance to the new secure web download method.

- Fixed issue where Kitco gold and silver quotes were not including the cents.

- Fixed issue with tax liability reporting where sales from a prior tax period that were voided in the current tax period were not reversed from the taxes due.

11/11/2015 (2015-4QH)

- Added Puerto Rico quarterly financial report.

11/05/2015 (2015-4QG)

- Updated printer routing to allow printers on different machines to have names with a different case (upper / lower).

10/29/2015 (2015-4QF)

- Added Missoula Montana CSV style police reporting.

- Fixed issue with RISS style police reporting when no customer weight has been entered.

10/28/2015 (2015-4QE)

- Various updates requested by Ohio state examiners:

- Hold period before allowing foreclosure is 62 days past the due date.

- Original loan due dates and subsequent due dates when extending the loan must fall on the same day each month. If that day number does not exist in the following month then the highest day number is used.

- Loans cannot be renewed prior to the current due date.

- An additional clause added to the pawn contract stating that the customer acknowledges that additional fees will be incurred if they do more than one pawn in the same day. There also has to be a place for the customer to initial this when they do several pawns in the same day.

10/27/2015 (2015-4QD)

- Updated SecuGen fingerprint software to latest version and added the ability to manually install the SDK.

10/26/2015 (2015-4QC)

- Updated the Check Advance Auditer report to use cell phone number instead of home phone number if it has been entered.

10/22/2015 (2015-4QB)

- Updated Ohio plain paper full page pawn form as requested by state examiners.

- Fixed numerous ticket forms that weren't using the correct options for that form type.

10/21/2015 (2015-4QA)

- Added option to Check Advance Auditer Metrics report to show all unique customer names, addresses and phone numbers from the check advances selected to print.

10/16/2015 (2015-4Q)

- Added the ability to increase principal (loan more money) from the loan renewal screen.

- Added the ability to void principal increases.

- Added new ticket type for principal increases (only the full size plain paper version includes a truth-in-lending disclosure).

- Principal increases for pawns and titles are now broken down on all accounting reports.

- Fixed issue with long middle names on Florida pawn / buy tickets.

- Restored old version of Canada buy back option ticket.

- The quick net receipts tool has been removed from the software since it is now redundant with the new multi-drawer manager.

- Fixed software version element on Leadsonline data uploads.

- Fixed problem where principal payments and partial fee ticket reprints might show the total amount for a date when there were multiple transactions done on a ticket on the same date.

- Returned amount to renew to Mississippi pawn tickets.

- Removed clause from Mississippi tickets that stated no one else could redeem the loan.

- Expanded item number maximum size to 9 digits.

- Fixed issue where the Georgia minimum fee amount would not be charged in certain rare situations.

- Fixed issue with form options on Maryland buy / sell form.

- Fixed transaction history report sorting issue when multiple transactions happened on the same day.

9/18/2015 (2015-3QQ) - Please make a backup before updating your software.

- New category selector design is much easier to use and now includes a search tool to help find any category while entering items.

- Fixed bug "variable title not found" on new multi-drawer manager.

- Added new security option in the ticket permissions that allows you to prevent cost, profit and markup percentages from appearing on the layaway and sales screens.

- When saving a purchase from a vendor the system will no longer prompt you for a fingerprint.

- Added option on customer edit screen that prevents that customer from appearing on the overdue pawns report and the foreclosure manager. Both the overdue pawns report and the foreclosure manager have an override checkbox that will let you see those customers if needed.

- Added option to require a customer's weight be filled in when saving a pawn or buy. (Oklahoma requirement)

- Added option on police reporting to prevent customer names from being included in the report. (Montana requirement)

- Fixed issues where the company selection for currency symbol was not shown correctly.

- Added ticket number and fee amount to the instant check manager.

- Added option to ignore damaged items when checking for customer alerts to display.

9/15/2015 (2015-3QP)

- Overdue pawns report now refreshes late fees while it prepares so the total owed is always correct.

- Improved support for SafeReporting.com XML police reporting.

- Activated our police reporting features for title lenders based on a request by a Georgia police department.

- Fixed issue where voiding a gun disposition would leave the middle name of the customer in the gun book until the gun was disposed to another customer. The middle name was still not printed in official ATF reports because the item status was changed to in-house by the void so no re-printing of gun reports is needed.

- Removed MPR and paragraph 30(d) from the Indiana pawn form and added a lost ticket affidavit to the Indiana redemption receipt per request by state examiners.

- Added redemption signature line to Arkansas pawn form.

- Added support for West Virginia Burrell form 10-4809.

9/11/2015 (2015-3QO)

- Completely overhauled the multi-drawer manager which now adds the following new features:

- All active employees are listed on any business date even if they haven't logged in to the system.

- Any business date can be displayed and managed (not just today).

- Starting cash and drawer count can be manually entered by the drawer manager.

- All details of an employee's activity are displayed live and can be viewed, printed or explored on the new tabs for any employee on any date.

- Combined totals for all drawer activity are shown at the bottom of the list of employees.

- Employees can be prevented from preparing their own drawer report so they will not know if they are over or short which can prevent theft of an over drawer amount.

- Consignment slips and individual cash reports for employees can be viewed or printed.

- All activity from the business day is checked for integrity errors to guarantee accurate results.

- On screen help explains all the new fields on the multi-drawer manager.

8/26/2015 (2015-3QN)

- Added optional buy storage labels. When printing a buy ticket you now have the option of buy storage item labels, buy storage ticket labels and retail price labels. The buy storage labels show the employee, cost and date the items can be put out for sale based on your buy hold age settings.

- Fixed bug with buy label printing from previous update.

8/25/2015 (2015-3QM)

- Added support for New Hampshire title pledge loans.

- Fixed issues with various label sizes that weren't supported properly in the bad debt system, label on demand mode purchases and vendor batches.

8/18/2015 (2015-3QL)

- Added ability to set minimum fee amounts on the advanced rate setup tiers.

8/14/2015 (2015-3QK)

- Added ability for data conversion customers to edit due dates.

8/10/2015 (2015-3QJ)

- Additional changes to NESPIN / WSIN style police reporting.

- Improved customer searches so that you may now search by last 4 digits of customer number, ID numbers, phone number or customer PIN.

8/7/2015 (2015-3QI)

- Added support for Ohio pawnbrokers.

8/6/2015 (2015-3QH)

- Updated BWI & SAFEREPORTING style xml police reporting with a more secure communications tool that also solves problems that forced some of our BWI customers to save to disk and manually upload.

7/30/2015 (2015-3QG)

- Added brand new webcam control software to replace the unstable version used in the past. Issues with getting photos from your webcam are now fixed. You will also need to update to version 3.0 of our Scanner & Webcam Setup Utility when applying this update.

- Added ability to get an ID card photo using your webcam.

- HTP has been tested and is working properly on all versions of Windows including Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

7/27/2015 (2015-3QF)

- Additional improvements to RISS WSIN police reporting.

- Added option to select default printer for check printing.

7/23/2015 (2015-3QE)

- Added support for the new Washington rates and calculation method law effective 07/24/15.

7/20/2015 (2015-3QD)

- Added support for South Dakota McLeod's 82684 form.

- Improved RISS WSIN police reporting support.

- Number of form copies can now be set to zero so you can turn off form printing of specific forms. Reprint ticket can still be used to print forms disabled in this way.

7/16/2015 (2015-3QC)

- Added support for RISS WSIN (Western States Information Network) police reporting.

- Fixed bug when retieving a previously pawned or purchased gun to purchase or buy again that did not reset the gun printed flag. This resulted in failure to include these guns when printing changed pages on the master gun log. Because of this bug and the request by the ATF to print "EDITED" on gun log entries with a history of changes we recommend all A & D book users to print a new master gun log to replace their old printed book.

7/15/2015 (2015-3QB)

- Improved Virginia sales police report.

- Added legal setting to specify the maximum number of renewals allowed on a pawn.

- Removed options involving a customer SSN, use "SSN" as a second form of ID if you want to use Teletrack or FINCEN reporting.

- Fixed check advance arbitration form so it will print on an inkjet printer.

- Fixed issue with printing the Florida plain paper full page buy ticket.

7/6/2015 (2015-3QA)

- Added police reporting for sales transactions as required by Virginia and Montana law. This is a different report than the standard police report and is found in your reports list as "Police Report - Sales".

- Updated Virginia precious metals buyer report to properly show all item descriptions even if you switch between simple and detailed entry modes.

7/2/2015 (2015-3Q)

- Fixed various compliance issues required by Oklahoma state examiners.

6/30/2015 (2015-2QN)

- Added Montana plain paper forms.

- Fixed aging issue where the overdue pawns report and foreclosure manager were different by one day when using the hold period for forfeiture.

- Bi-weekly payroll now uses the correct federal withholding table.

- Fixed issue with the title analysis report.

6/29/2015 (2015-2QM)

- Added Montana Burrell pawn laser forms 10-2609 and 10-2609-03.

- Fixed issue on 80mm thermal sales receipt when using amount tendered on sales.

6/26/2015 (2015-2QL)

- Added custom full page and 80mm thermal receipts for Canyon Pawn.

- Added custom terms line to Tennessee plain paper full page pawn form. The text can be edited from the setup menu - ticket text.

- Added option to print tear line on half page forms. This feature can be enabled on the setup menu - printers - form options.

6/25/2015 (2015-2QK)

- Added option to use "Renew From Today Mode" in Oklahoma.

- Fixed issue with APR on Oklahoma plain paper full page form.

- Added option to format pawn ticket numbers with a dash plus the renewal number.

- Improved our automatic capitalization code to properly handle common manufacturer abbreviations and other assorted mistakes like DVD, CD, TV, w/Remote etc.

6/23/2015 (2015-2QJ)

- Fixed issue with profit earned from customer metric on customer history screen.

- Fixed issue with missing text on Utah pawn forms when writing 60 day loans.

- By request from the ATF, all A & D Book reports now show "EDITED" under the gun's serial number when a gun's information has been changed by an employee after it was initially entered.

- The ATF A & D Book Audit report now has a new option to show the history of changes on a specific gun book number.

- Fixed issue where the ticket number might be clipped on the transaction report if the ticket number is in the ten million or greater range.

- Added new option under setup - printers - form options that allows you to turn off the "I agree to extend this loan for # of days" clause on renewal receipts.

6/18/2015 (2015-2QI)

- Fixed issue where more than one item could be added to a title pledge pawn.

- Fixed issue with Alabama driver's license barcode scan where the height would not be updated.

- Fixed layout problem with Colorado Burrell contract for purchase form 10-0609-48.

6/17/2015 (2015-2QH)

- Added new previous item loan / cost search tool to the ticket menu. Use this tool to quickly find out what you have loaned or paid for the same type item in the past. You can search by make, model, description or any combination of those and see the most recent amount paid as well as averages in the last 6 months, year, 2 years or since you opened for business.

- Fixed issue with CASHAM style police reporting where jewelry weights that included the unit of measure were rejected.

- Fixed minor bug on store to store transfer sales.

6/15/2015 (2015-2QG)

- Updated Georgia Power of Attorney (T8 form) and Affidavit for Noting of Lien (MV1 Form) to the new versions.

- Added optional notification of recent or pending birthday when selecting a customer. This option can be tunred on or off and the number of days set on the SETUP MENU - GENERAL OPTIONS.

- Customer Alerts can now be up to 254 characters (increased from 80).

6/12/2015 (2015-2QF)

- Complete overhaul of our forms engine gives your forms a more polished professional look.

- Added two new types of forms, the A5 form prints on a single half sheet of paper and the half page form prints two half page receipts on a single full size piece of paper. Most office supply stores sell copier paper already perforated like this.

- All payment, layaway and sales forms now show amount tendered and change due if entered.

- Using the TICKET TEXT option on the SETUP MENU, you can now customize the terms that appear on pawns, renewals, layaways and sales as well as custom text for special sales or store policies that appear on all forms.

- Custom forms can now be easily added for any customer, design your own layout and send us a logo image and we'll add your form at no charge on full page, A5, half sheet or 80mm thermal receipt.

- Layaway payment receipts can now be printed for any individual payment from the reprint ticket screen.

- England forms now properly show dates in the British format.

- Fixed issue with barcodes not working on some items with negative numbers.

- Fixed bug on the business statistics for checks report where it might show all zeroes.

- What appears on forms can now be configured in detail using the FORM OPTIONS tab on our printer setup screen giving you the ability to choose whether or not you want the following items to appear on any of your forms.

- Employee (full name or initials)

- Time

- Privacy Notice

- Lender Signature

- Serial Number

- Line item cost, loan or stated value amount

- Forfeiture date

- ID used

- Date of birth

- Co-Pledgor

- Gender

- Race

- Eye color

- Height

- Hair color

- Weight

- Terms page 2

- Fingerprint box

- Default finger for fingerprint

- Fingerprint scans

- Ticket number barcodes

- Detailed or basic item descriptions

- Cost codes

4/14/2015 (2015-2QE)

- Added check signature size (small / medium / large) on check printing.

4/13/2015 (2015-2QD)

- Added the ability to scan or browse for a signature image to use with check printing (optional).

- State ID number is now printed on New York Burrell 10-3205 and 10-3208 forms.

- Check settlement and check extension receipts now show amount tendered - change due if entered.

4/8/2015 (2015-2QC)

- Added optional amount tendered - change due calculation to sales, redemption, renewal, partial fees payment, check extension, check pickup and layaway payment screens.

- Adjusted size of Utah deferred presentment disclosure so it can be used with Canon laser printers.

- Fixed rare minor bug on Utah check settlement.

4/3/2015 (2015-2QB)

- Added digital fingerprint to Florida Burrell 10-0909-24 purchase form.

- Added gun barrel length to gun entry.

- Inventory aging report now indicates the age and category selections on the printed report.

4/1/2015 (2015-2QA)

- Added digital fingerprint to Florida Burrell 10-0909-24 pawn form.

- Added clause to Tennessee plain paper full page pawn form declaring that a pawnbroker may not allow redemption of pledged property for a period of 48 hours following the police reporting of the pledged items.

- Added option on notice to pledgor list to include notes.

4/1/2015 (2015-2Q)

- Updated Utah title pledge and check advance forms based on new state requirements.

- Added designated agent to title and check setup screens for Utah form requirements.

- Added check transaction history to the reprint ticket menu for state examiner audits.

- Removed "Please enter a real explanation" rules.

- Added full address to manifest investors for use with check printing.

- Added pay to address to pay by check entry for optional address printing on checks used with windowed envelopes.

- Added ability to print checks on standard laser check stock (quickbooks style). Checks can be printed when they are saved or from the bank account manager.

- Added ability to change a check number in the bank account manager.

- Added security options for ability to print checks and ability to change check numbers under the accounting section of the security levels.

- Fixed issue with outstanding, overdue and pawn notice reports where customer or ticket notes would be repeated for each item on a ticket.

- Added new features to the notice to pledgor tool including the ability to print or view a list of the items being noticed including any notes and the ability to print address labels with or instead of notices. The tool now also shows how many notices are selected to print as you change options.

3/19/2015 (2015-1QP)

- Gun background check fees are now itemized on redemption and sales receipts.

3/16/2015 (2015-1QO)

- Updated the transaction report to include many new options and transaction types including bad debt, accounting, check register, gun background checks, manifest activity and inventory activity like police hold, police pickup, shoplifted and damaged. The transaction report can now be used to fully audit everything on your daily cash report in one place. In addition sales are now broken up by regular sales and sales from layaways paid off so the cost of layaway or inventory from sales can be reconciled. Also counts are now shown for each transaction type plus there is a new totals only mode that will just show the counts and amounts for a date range.

- Fixed bug when adding a new customer and searching for their city using zip code lookup.

- Fixed bug when entering jewelry or printing jewelry labels that could occur if the gold calculator had never been used.

- Added time stamp to all bad debt transactions.

3/2/2015 (2015-1QN)

- Updated the transaction report to also show the amount still owed on foreclosed layaway transactions.

2/27/2015 (2015-1QM)

- Updated the check pickup / deposit tool to the new notes system.

2/24/2015 (2015-1QL)

- Added the ability to manage customer notes from the customer add / edit screen.

- Updated alert boxes on the renew / redeem and foreclosure screens to indicate if the customer has an unpaid or written off bad check. If the customer has both a bad check and a bad title the box will display "BAD DEBT" otherwise it will show "BAD CHECK" or "BAD TITLE".

- Fixed a bug that could occur when calculating early redemption fee rebates. If the loan was paid in advance more than one term, the refund of the additional term fees could occur one day earlier than it should.

2/23/2015 (2015-1QK)

- Fixed various issues and added some improvements to the bad check manager.

- Added foreclosed date selection to the inventory browser.

- Added ability to search by original item number from the inventory browser for customers who have had data conversions done.

- The foreclosure manager will now ask if you would like to edit prices or print labels when foreclosing items. If you answer yes the inventory browser is automatically launched showing the list of items you just foreclosed.

- Made additional requested changes to the Ontario payday advance form.

2/19/2015 (2015-1QJ)

- Changed Idaho plain paper full page form text to use the company setting for number of days past due to forfeit a loan.

- Minor changes to Puerto Rico plain paper full page form.

- Added the collections detail report to the list of available reports for customers who only use check advance / check cashing features.

2/17/2015 (2015-1QI)

- Updated the scanner and webcam capture tools which solves problems with newer camera models and properly handles multiple webcams connected to the same computer. * NOTE * You will also need to re-install the scanner and webcam support library to the new version if you use webcams or scanners.

- Fixed issue where using Monex.com for gold prices might stop the gold price tool from loading and prevent you from changing to a working provider like Kitco.

2/5/2015 (2015-1QH)

- Added support for Puerto Rico.

- Added Alabama Burrell title pledge form 24-0109.

1/30/2015 (2015-1QG)

- Added required changes to the Ontario payday loan agreement.

1/29/2015 (2015-1QF)

- Complete overhaul of the note system which now supports unlimited notes for customers, tickets, items and checks.

- Complete redesign of the renewal / redemption tag screen with support for the new notes system.

- Complete redesign of the foreclosure manager with support for the new notes system.

- Customer history now only displays notes from open pawns or purchases on hold.

- Removed customer alert warning sound and alert screen can now be exited with the enter key instead of requiring a mouse click to proceed.

- Added Kentucky Burrell pawn form 10-1705.

1/14/2015 (2015-1QE)

- Employee passwords are now hidden from administrators on the employee setup screen. An administrator can still change an employee's password but they cannot see what an employee has entered when they change their password.

- Added option to transaction report to exclude vendor purchases.

- Added three required questions to Colorado A5 buy ticket.

- Changed search inventory by location to only show exact matches of the storage location search key.

- Fixed issue with some accounting reports when trying to launch the integrity issue repair tool.

1/13/2015 (2015-1QD)

- Changed item number search in the inventory browser to show all items with the search item highlighted.

- Fixed issues with the inventory aging report.

- Fixed issues with printing non-pawn tickets using the Alabama plain paper full page (BW Version).

- Fixed issues with the 1099 tool.

1/9/2015 (2015-1QC)

- Added support for Hawaii pawnbrokers.

- Fixed issue when editing the jewelry karat of old jewelry items.

1/8/2015 (2015-1QB)

- Added optional routing and account number to check advance entry.

- Updated custom form for Mack's Highway Market.

- Fixed issues with England consignment forms.

- Fixed issue where manual entry (instead of using drop down list) of jewelry karat was not being saved.

1/6/2015 (2015-1QA)

- Fixed issue where printing an address label while adding a new customer would add two copies of the customer.

- Added custom Tennessee check advance form for Mack's Highway Market.

- Updated text on North Carolina half sheet pawn form per request.

1/6/2015 (2015-1Q)

- Updated federal withholding tables for 2015 payroll calculations.

- Added option on transaction report to only show voided transactions.

- Added Alabama plain paper full page (BW Version) form.

- Added international currency symbol choice to dymo jewelry labels.

- Fixed issue with Colorado A5 renewal forms.

- Fixed issue with business statistics chart where the growth percentage was clipped.

- Fixed issue with employee pawn statistics report where large amounts would show asterisks.

- Fixed issue with transaction list where description might be clipped.

10/23/2014 (2014-4QD)

- Added ability to flag an item as new, on retail labels the description will start with "New" on these items.

- Added drop down selector for precious metal karat selection, you can still manually enter anything you like.

- Added unit of measurement on jewelry weight, this will default to the last unit of measurement used in the gold calculator. On retail labels and various other places the unit of measurement will appear right after the weight in parenthesis as (g) for grams, (dwt) for pennyweight, (oz) for ounces and (toz) for troy ounces.

- Expanded size of customer alert to 254 characters.

- Added support for England buy / sell agreements.

- Added Idaho and South Dakota plain paper forms.

- Fixed issue with inventory browser where the buttons were not enabled until you entered a query.

10/16/2014 (2014-4QC)

- Fixed issue with New York principal payments. Only the interest should be recalculated when making a principal payment, the ticket writing fee, insurance and vault storage fees should remain their original amounts based on the original loan amount.

- Added option to show alerts and notes on overdue and outstanding pawn reports.

- Added number of matches (count) to the end of all search records reports.

10/15/2014 (2014-4QB)

- Complete redesign of the Purchase Release List report with numerous options including the ability to see all items currently on hold.

- Added option to only show employee initials on forms instead of their full first name and last initial.

- Added ability to clear drop down choices on jewelry entry by clicking the little red "X" next to the selector.

- Fixed bug when viewing or printing all buckets when no buckets have been added.

10/13/2014 (2014-4QA)

- Updated Leadsonline and RISS police reporting to use secure rsa encrypted connections when uploading.

- Added Colorado A5 half sheet forms.

10/01/2014 (2014-4Q)

- Added upload of customer webcam photos to Leadsonline police reporting.

09/26/2014 (2014-3QS)

- Added support for RISS nationwide police reporting system.

- Fixed issue where the option to print consignment slips was disabled if you prepared an old cash report.

- Fixed issue where the final renewal payment on a Tennessee or Mississippi title loan might show an expected principal to pay greater than the principal still owed.

- Fixed issue when voiding a Georgia redemption done when the loan qualified for discounted fees would not restore the original fee amounts.

- Fixed issue with Tennessee Title AORBA report where transactions voided after the begin date were not included in the outstanding loaned at the start of the year.

- Fixed issue where guns in layaway were not showing the proper disposition when the gun records had been transferred to a new FFL.

- Added consigned / sold to FFL# for use when transferring records to a new FFL.

- Added employee name to North Carolina side by side half sheet pawn form.

- Fixed issue where the customer's middle name was clipped on Florida Burrell buy tickets.

- Added option to the photo zoom viewer that allows you to open the photo folder in explorer with the selected photo highlighted.

- Fixed issue with the Profit and Loss Statement where the expense report was always printed even if you unchecked the expense report option.

- Fixed issue where the loan amount would show asterisks on a redemption void if the loan amount was $1,000 or more.

09/13/2014 (2014-3QR)

- Added support for 3 additional photos per item, any extra photos are automatically sent to Leadsonline police reporting to comply with new police requirements for serial number photos.

- Added ability to retrieve previously bought or pawned items on the purchase screen for customers who do buy with option to buy back deals.

- Added option to purchase release list report to exclude consigned items.

- Added option for jewelry only on the overdue pawns report.

09/13/2014 (2014-3QQ)

- Complete overhaul of the inventory browser which now works much faster. You can now filter the list by new item types like consigned, police hold, police pickup and several other new item types. You can also filter the list to items of a specific customer, description, serial number, pawn, buy, sale, layaway ticket number and gun number. You also now have a count and total cost of the selected items at the bottom of the list and new view / print buttons to get a report of the items. There is also a retail price box right next to the label button that lets you quickly change the price of the highlighted item and print a new price label.

- Fixed minor problems with the 941 payroll report and the items on police hold report.

- Added a breakdown of the social security, medicare and federal withholding liability on the payroll for period report to make it easier to file online with the IRS.

- Updated the pricing guide to the new rates.

- Updated the mouse pointer so it turns into a hand when over web links and a magnifying glass when over photos (click the photo to see a full size preview). Also the delete photo icon no longer flickers which made it hard to click.

09/09/2014 (2014-3QP)

- Updated Arizona pawn form to show the new percentage rates allowed by recent law changes.

- Added a breakdown of sales activity to the marketing analysis report.

- Added ability to select customers based on banned transaction types in the search records tool.

- Added option to show voided gun background checks on the instant check log report.

- Fixed issue where voided background checks still appeared in the instant check manager tool.

09/08/2014 (2014-3QO)

- Improved unverified inventory tool by adding tag all items as shoplifted or damaged so you no longer have to tag each item manually. This also works for just a specific category. You also have a new clear all tags button that clears all tagged items from all categories. These new tagging features are only available to admin accounts unless you enable them for other user levels on your security levels setup screen.

- Added ability to fix orphaned category items on the inventory categories screen. These can occur when merging records from another location that may be using different category codes.

08/28/2014 (2014-3QN)

- Fixed error message on gun acquisition and disposition reports when one of the guns had been flagged as stolen, on hold or picked up by the police.

- Fixed redeem by date on South Carolina pawn notice. The date was shown as the same day two months after the current due date when it should actually be exactly 60 days past the due date.

- Fixed issue on bad check notice where the check amount might get clipped if the company name is really long.

08/25/2014 (2014-3QM)

- Updated check transaction printing to new accounting engine, past check extensions or check settlements or voided check transactions can now be re-printed. Many of the check forms have also been updated and improved.

- Digital fingerprints can now be captured for check transactions and optionally printed on the contract.

- Added ability to ban a customer from selling items to you (buy ticket), getting a check advance loan, cashing a check or putting items in layaway. The ability to ban a customer from doing a pawn was already available but now you can ban any of these other transaction types as needed.

- Improved handling of underage customers on all transaction types, you can now add an underage customer but you can only select them for sales, layaways and check cashing transactions. The legal age allowed is automatically handled based on the state law you selected under legal settings.

- Added Kansas Burrell form 10-1609.

- Added Colorado Burrell form 10-0609-48 contract to purchase.

- Added Missouri Burrell form 10-2509.

- Fixed issue on transaction history report where the principal balance might show asterisks.

- Fixed problem where the military lending rate might be selected on a check advance loan by mistake.

- Fixed typo on drawer manager when returning funds to the safe.

- Fixed issue with some Tennessee half page forms printing out of alignment.

- Vendor customers are now displayed with a green background on the customer editor to make it easy to recognize them as a vendor.

07/29/2014 (2014-3QL)

- Added Kansas plain paper full page form with both single page and duplex versions.

- Fixed issue where a user could set their next ticket number to zero in the numbering setup screen.

- Fixed barcoding issue where item and ticket numbers less than 1000 or a bucket id less than 4 letters long would not scan on certain barcode scanner models.

07/29/2014 (2014-3QK).

- Updated North Carolina plain paper full page pawn form to include the federal truth in lending disclosure and additional legally required text. The due date is now labeled "Maturity Date" to match terms used in the pawnbroker's act. There are two versions, a single page form and a duplex form that includes a privacy notice, lost ticket statement, forfeiture info and identification other than pledgor section. You can switch on the duplex version by selecting the checkbox labeled "Print additional terms and conditions page 2" on your setup menu -> printers screen.

- Enhanced the layaway payment screen to show the next scheduled payment due date and the minimum payment needed to avoid foreclosure through that date. The next scheduled payment and amount on the receipt also now shows the next payment due after today's date instead of the previously scheduled payment date that may have already passed.

- Tennessee title pledge lenders are now blocked from increasing the principal on a title loan because it breaks the amortization schedule based on the original loan amount. State examiners have stated that in this scenario you can simply write another title pledge loan based on the same title as long as multiple loans on the same title do not exceed $2500. If any of the multiple loans goes into default you can proceed with collections on all of the loans tied to that vehicle.

- Fixed bug on customer history statistics screen where some of the metrics included voided transactions.

07/28/2014 (2014-3QJ)

- Added additional acknowledgement of terms and explanation of payment options form for Utah check advance transactions (new legal requirement). This form can be enabled / disabled on the setup menu - check advance / cashing options screen.

- Updated Tennessee plain paper full page pawn form to include the federal truth in lending disclosure and additional legally required text. The due date is now labeled "Maturity Date" to match terms used in the pawnbroker's act.

- Added optional ticket bar code and digital fingerprint scan to Tennessee plain paper full page form. Barcodes can be activated on the setup menu - printers screen and fingerprints can be activated on the setup menu - fingerprint scanner screen.

- Fixed view history screen to properly show principal payments made with check extensions (Utah).

07/22/2014 (2014-3QI)

- Added the following new metrics to cash report accounting, cost / quantity of items added to layaway and cost / quantity of items sold from layaway. With the previously released cost / quantity of items foreclosed from layaway you now have the necessary metrics to balance the effects of layaway transactions against outstanding inventory. The new metrics are located at the bottom of the inventory activity section of the cash report and cash report for date range.

- Fixed bug on layaways foreclosed report where paid off layaways could be included.

- Fixed clipped middle name on Florida Burrell pawn form.

- Reduced the page size of the daily cash report to solve issues with some Canon printers.

07/19/2014 (2014-3QH)

- Added additional option to New York past due fees calculation.

07/19/2014 (2014-3QG)

- Added option to New York past due fees calculation to be based on just interest or both interest and fees.

- Huge improvements to the SEARCH RECORDS tool when doing queries for customers. You can now specify a date range the customer was added or a date range of birthdays coming up. The resulting report has several new fields like customer age and length of time as a customer plus a much more readable layout. In addition you can now output your customer queries as an Excel spreadsheet with the option to automatically open it in Excel.

- Fixed bug "mpct not found" when preparing daily cash report and multi-store logging has been enabled.

07/18/2014 (2014-3QF)

- Fixed New York past due fees when redeeming a loan to be only interest for the months past due.

07/17/2014 (2014-3QE)

- Updated the Profit & Loss Statement to the new accounting engine and added new features like separate P & L reports for pawn, title and check portions of your business as well as new expense reporting options like summary, detailed or specific account ledgers.

- Fixed bug where the wrong item might appear on a receipt if another workstation saved a ticket at the same time.

- Fixed bug when sending a cash report for date range email that included data records for our multi-store manager.

- Updated the online NCIC Gun Manufacturers reference pdf to the latest version.

07/08/2014 (2014-3QD)

- Improved error handling system.

- Fixed minor issue on the cash report for date range related to quantity of foreclosed layaway items.

07/03/2014 (2014-3QC)

- Fixed issues with drawer balancing when adding checks to bad debt.

07/02/2014 (2014-3QB)

- Updated Ontario Payday Loan form based on new law requirements.

- Added cash and bank balance to the company assets section of the cash report including mtd and ytd change. It has always been part of the total assets amount but was never displayed in the breakdown of the total assets.

07/01/2014 (2014-3QA)

- Added support for Connecticut CSV style police reporting.

06/30/2014 (2014-3Q)

- Added further breakdown of principal payments coming from pawn or title transactions to cash report.

- Added foreclosed layaway payments to the cash report, they are also now included in the gross income breakdown.

- Added quantity and cost of foreclosed layaway items returned to stock on the inventory activity section of the cash report.

- Updated our free multi-store manager and reporting tool to the new accounting engine. The multi-store manager allows an owner to easily monitor up to 8 locations by combining accounting to simple spreadsheets including generating daily, mtd, ytd, journal entry, profit and loss reporting and various employee monitoring reports.

06/20/2014 (2014-2Q2)

- Updated accounting reports to properly email data for the new mutli-store manager.

- Fixed issue with Florida pawn form where middle names were being clipped.

- Fixed minor problem with calculation of gross income from check advance and check cashing transactions.

- Fixed problem with the Wisconsin pawn form where the signature line was not allowing enough space for the signature.

- Fixed issue with accounting integrity checks where a voided layaway and voided sale tied to the same sale number would count the items twice.

- Updated South Carolina pawn form with an additional change requested by state examiners.

06/06/2014 (2014-2Q1)

- Added support for Washington Burrell 10-4709 pawn laser form.

06/05/2014 (2014-2QZ)

- Updated profit by employee report to new accounting engine.

- Updated view history tool to show items from voided pawns, buys and layaways and to also put VOIDED next to voided transactions.

- Fixed issue with North Carolina Burrell forms showing the full fee APR in the interest only APR box.

- Added North Carolina plain paper 1/2 sheet forms.

- Fixed calculation error on North Carolina late fees if the loan amount exceeded $250.

06/02/2014 (2014-2QY)

- Redesigned the TRANSACTION HISTORY report available from the reprint ticket screen to be much more detailed and useful for state examiners conducting audits. Specific improvements were done for Tennessee and Mississippi title pledge lenders who need to detail loan histories for state examiners.

- Fixed fee calculation error on Louisiana early redemption when the loan has been renewed extra months ahead.

- Fixed issue with Louisiana plain paper full page renewal forms not showing the correct renewal period date range.

05/24/2014 (2014-2QX)

- Fixed issues with Maine plain paper full page buy ticket.

- Fixed error that occurred when getting gold prices from Kitco and the website did not respond.

- Fixed calculation problem with Mississippi and Tennessee title pledge loan redemption fees when the customer had not paid the minimum expected principal during the loan.

- Updated South Carolina plain paper full page pawn form with changes mandated by the Department of Consumer Affairs.

05/19/2014 (ScanShell - New update for ScanShell drivers license scanners.

- Improved 2d barcode support, passport improvements, green card detection and improvements, army ID improvements and new or improved templates for the following legal zones:.

- Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana

- Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota

- Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming

05/19/2014 (2014-2QW)

- Updated Arkansas plain paper full page pawn contract with proper truth in lending disclosure, terms and conditions and privacy notice.

- Added additional text to Maine plain paper full page pawn and buy contracts regarding penalties for making false statements and pawnbroker's liability in the event of lost, stolen or damaged items.

05/16/2014 (2014-2QV)

- Fixed issue with Indiana redemptions where if the loan had been renewed more than 30 days in the future during the first or second loan period the fees would be pro-rated incorrectly.

05/16/2014 (2014-2QU)

- Updated payroll system to properly handle state, county and city withholding including Kentucky's state mandated withholding computation method.

05/14/2014 (2014-2QT)

- Added date of last backup to daily cash report so owners can verify employees are making regular backups.

- Additional improvements to Secugen fingerprint scanner functionality, you will no longer see messages about device not found while the software searches for your scanner. Also the window no longer resizes based on your model, all fingerprint scans will now be at 300x400 resolution.

05/13/2014 (2014-2QS)

- Added option to print quantity of layaway labels (just like pawn labels), which is especially useful for layaways of many items and you only want one label.

- Added optional holiday/specials text to Tennessee plain paper full page renewal, principal payment and partial fee payment receipts.

- Added option to select specific employee on payroll for period report.

05/12/2014 (2014-2QR)

- Added storage location to outstanding and overdue layaway reports.

- Added new options to chart pawns by category report. You can now select pawns that were outstanding on any date as well as items pawned during any date range.

05/10/2014 (2014-2QQ)

- Updated the Gold and Silver Calculator, Kitco is now working, Gold Alert has been replaced by JM Bullion, Monex has been updated and is working again, Gold Seek continues to be the fourth quote source.

05/09/2014 (2014-2QP)

- Fixed issue with business statistics report where the filters "Titles Only", "Exclude Titles" and "Guns Only" were not working correctly.

- Improved Secugen fingerprint scanner code so that it properly detects the type of scanner connected.

05/08/2014 (2014-2QO)

- Added Connecticut XLS style police reporting.

- Additional minor improvements to the cash report for date range report.

05/07/2014 (2014-2QN)

- Added new version of Cash Report for Date Range report updated to the new accounting engine. This report now processes all metrics directly from the records so preparing a cash report for each date is no longer necessary for accurate numbers.

- Added new features to the Cash Report for Date Range that allow you to see just deposits, miscellaneous income or expenses for the date range including the ability to select a specific primary or sub expense account and see only those transactions.

05/01/2014 (2014-2QL)

- Fixed problem when voiding a check advance pickup.

- Fixed problem with employee drawer report where sometimes the view / print report would not show the employee's activity for the day.

- Changed employee drawer report to automatically prepare when used.

04/30/2014 (2014-2QK)

- Added support for the following new forms:

- Ontario plain paper full page

- West Virginia plain paper full page

- West Virginia Burrell 10-4805 pawn laser form

- Connecticut Burrell 10-0705 pawn laser form

- Connecticut Burrell 10-0709 pawn laser form

04/29/2014 (2014-2QJ)

- Fixed "File is in use" bug when opening the bad check manager.

04/29/2014 (2014-2QI)

- Complete re-write of our fingerprint scanner capture software with faster, more reliable and easier to use methods.

- Added support for SecuGen fingerprint scanners, you may now use any of the following scanner models:

- Hamster Pro 20

- Hamster IV

- Hamster Plus

- Keyboard Plus

- OptiMouse Plus



- M2SYS M2-EasyScan

- Various OEM Scanners using the following model numbers HU20, HFDU04, HSDU04P, HFDU03FR, HFDU03FRS, HSDU03M, HSDU03P, KFDU03FR, KFDU03FRS, KSDU03M, MFDU03FR, MFDU03FRS, MSDU03M, MSDU03P, XSDU03MSC, XSDU03PSC, XFDU04SC, XSDU04PSC, FDU03FR, FDU03FRS, FDU04, SDU03M, SDU03P, SDU04P, U20.

04/23/2014 (2014-2QH)

- Added option to the ATF GUN QUERIES report to search by acquisition or disposition address, city, state or zip as required by ATF Ruling 2013-5. If you are using HTP to manage your A & D records you will need to install this update to remain compliant using an electronic record keeping system.

- Fixed two issues with MY DRAWER REPORT, the first is an error message you might get about "VOID_DRAWER not found" and the other if a user viewed the in / out or totals pages before clicking prepare report the numbers would not refresh when returning to those pages. Viewing or printing the report still displayed the correct calculations.

04/23/2014 (2014-2QF)

- Added Check Advance Auditor Metrics report which shows check advance contract details for outstanding loans or loans for any date range. The report includes amount financed, finance charge, total, APR, extensions, number of days, loan status with totals for loan amounts and average original term, extensions and total term.

- Added optional pawn ticket barcode to Georgia plain paper full page pawn form.

04/21/2014 (2014-2QD)

- Added Pawn Aging report which shows your outstanding pawns broken down by age groups including age, overdue age, lending rate, renewals, original loan, current loan, fees, past due fees and total due today if redeemed. This report can also be filtered by employee, customer, overdue loans, titles, guns, jewelry and military status.

- Fixed issue with the employee pawn statistics report.

04/19/2014 (2014-2QC)

- Fixed issue where the bank account manager could hang when changing the beginning balance date.

04/18/2014 (2014-2QB)

- Fixed issues with Burrell forms going out of alignment due to voided ticket info placement.

04/17/2014 (2014-2QA)

- Changes requested by Carrollton Georgia police department.

- Added option on police reporting setup to only send gun caliber digits to BWI police reporting.

- Changed all references to "Initials" to "Owner Marks" to avoid employees thinking they should put their initials in the field.

- The customer account number will no longer be sent to BWI as a social security number. To send an actual SSN to BWI put "SS" as the second ID type on the customer information screen.

04/16/2014 (2014-2Q)

- Major overhaul of the HTP accounting engine, including proper handling of all voided transactions, completely redesigned cash report, business statistics report, transaction report, drawer report, check register, journal entry system and bank account manager.

- MTD and YTD metrics on the cash report are now always calculated from the records at that moment instead of relying on previously calculated cash reports.

- Added "Check For Data Integrity Issues" to all financial reports which will automatically detect any problems with your data that could make the reports inaccurate. This can be due to partially saved transactions, or out of balance issues between items and the tickets they belong to or malicious employee activity. A report can then be printed if any issues are detected and we can assist you with fixing them.

- New check register system and expense system now allow you to maintain reconciled bank balances including showing the bank balance after each check, EFT or deposit. The check register can be exported to an excel worksheet. Multiple expenses can now be tied to one check by using the same check number.

- Added multiple new security options for cash reporting, an owner can now disable an employee's ability to view MTD and YTD data as well as sensitive company financial information on page 2 of the cash report. This information can still be emailed to owners by an employee without access.

- Updated reprint ticket tool to show all transactions tied to a ticket number allowing you to reprint any past transaction like renewals and any voided ticket.

- Added layaway, consignment, check advance and check cashing transactions to transaction report.

- Moved all key financial reports to accounting menu.

- Added support for EDI 3 police reporting format for Charlotte, NC.

- Added code signed version of our photo processing library to prevent security warnings some users receive.

- Increased system to handle up to 99 unique users per business day.

- Added Oklahoma support including plain paper and Burrell pawn forms.

- Disabled renew from today mode for North Carolina and Georgia customers and enabled it for Arizona customers to comply with legal requirements.

- Added Arizona pawn form.

- Fingerprints can now be included in police report pdf email where required.

- Changed ATF A & D book to show specific info about stolen guns as requested by the ATF.

- Added New York Burrell 10-3205 form.

- Added Georgia Burrell 24-1009 Title Form.

- Teletrack will now use the second form of ID for the SSN when labeled "SS" or "SSN" instead of your customer number.

- Added store auditing guide for owners (by request) that breaks down methods by which employees can steal and how to detect them.

- Updated New York rate system to add a new tier for loans over $500.

- Added ability to export items in a bucket to an excel worksheet.

- Added option to automatically ignore fax printers when they share the same name as your report printer.

- Fixed issue with Georgia Cashmax style title form.

- Updated 2014 federal withholding tables.

- Updated New Jersey rates to increased max interest.

- Fixed bug when viewing Teletrack reports that affected a few customers.

- Changed TDOFI address required on Tennessee title pledge forms.

- Added Connecticut pawn forms.

08/09/2013 (2013-3QD)

- Added option under printer settings to put cost codes on layaway receipts, cost codes on layaways will now have (N) after the cost code to indicate that item was a manually entered non-inventory item. Sales receipt cost codes will now have (L) after the code if that item came from a layaway and (N) if the item was a manually entered non-inventory item. Added additional requested text to the New York pawn notice. Fixed issue where showing graph lines on chart reports produced an error message if the item had a negative percentage. Added option to Chart Sales report to exclude store transfer sales from the results. Added option on Chart Sales report to chart profit on sales, total retail or cost of sales and improved the report to show counts, totals and averages for all three metrics. Fixed issues with selecting a specific customer on the Transaction Report. When voiding a sale a voided sales receipt is now automatically printed. When voiding a sale or a layaway if any of the items were manually entered non-inventory items, those items will be deleted instead of being added to inventory. If any of those items were manually entered guns or came from a bucket they will not be deleted.

07/18/2013 (2013-3QC) - Fixed problems with some special characters being uploaded via XML style police reporting. Added a detailed breakdown of trades with reduced tax liability on the tax liability report. Improved the transaction report when printing details of sales transactions. Fixed issue with P & L reporting not including check cashing fees. Fixed issue where re-preparing a cash report for a prior date would not include sales that had been voided on a subsequent date.

07/12/2013 (2013-3QB) - Improved alignment of Georgia Burrell form 10-1009.

07/12/2013 (2013-3QA) - Fixed issue where title pledge loans were not printing on the Georgia Burrell form 10-1009.

07/10/2013 (2013-3Q) - Added Federal Privacy Notice to Florida, Georgia and Alabama pawn forms with an option to also print on renewal receipts.

06/27/2013 (2013-2QT) - Added optional arbitration agreement for all loan types with options for usage with pawns, titles or check loans and number of copies. Added the Georgia T-16 affidavit of repossession form available from the reprint ticket screen.

06/21/2013 (2013-2QS) - Added support for Louisiana Burrell form 10-1809, added clause to Georgia plain paper full page form regarding redemption rights during the grace period.

06/12/2013 (2013-2QR) - Finalized support for SafeReporting.com XML police reporting, added option to allow saving fingerprint scans from M2SYS scanners even when the scanner has not indicated a good scan has occurred. This solves the issue with some new models of their scanners that never indicate a finger has been scanned.

06/07/2013 (2013-2QQ) - Various improvements using the ScanShell ID scanners including options for scan orientation, automatic rotation and added a larger preview window with example images of how to insert ID cards. Due to changes in the new scanshell drivers we recommend updating both HI-Tech Pawn and your ScanShell scanner software at the same time.

06/07/2013 (ScanShell 10.01.20) - New update for ScanShell drivers license scanners which improves general image quality and barcode support. Now supporting U.S. Army barcodes with new or improved support for ID cards in the following areas: Delaware, Washinton D.C., Hawaii, Canada, Utah, Louisiana and U.S. Passports.

06/05/2013 (2013-2QP) - Fixed issues with newer models of M2SYS fingerprint scanners where a good scan might not be detected and it wouldn't allow you to save it. Fixed issue with the P & L report where payments on bad checks might show applied twice.

05/31/2013 (2013-2QO) - Improved support for Dymo printers used to print jewelry tags including automatic detection of Dymo software installation, added option to put cost codes on Dymo jewelry labels, added option to include jewelry weight on Dymo jewelry labels and added support for Dymo's 30373 rat tail jewelry tag. We are very pleased to report that using the 30373 jewelry label from Dymo eliminates the problem of roll back labels peeling off inside your printer that users frequently experience with the 30299 jewlery label. We recommend all current Dymo users printing jewelry labels switch to the 30373 label.

05/29/2013 (2013-2QN) - Added the ability to change the cost of a purchased item or the liability owed on a consigned item with the option to adjust the original contract so it can be reprinted. The ability to edit item cost defaults to an admin only function but can be enabled for any level user via the security levels manager on the setup menu in the INVENTORY section. A log of all cost changes is automatically maintained by the system which tracks date, time, employee, original and adjusted cost and whether or not the original contract was adjusted to reflect the new cost or liability. We STRONGLY caution owners with multiple employees to enable security and lock out standard employees from having this capability as it can be used to commit fraud / theft. In addition we also advise that if you allow this capability you should periodically print the INVENTORY CHANGES TO COST report and review any changes made by employees. Fixed issue where users could edit the retail amount of an item while it's in layaway or after it's been sold.

05/23/2013 (2013-2QM) - Changed Green Bay Wisconsin police reporting file name per request, added time stamps to all check advance and check cashing transactions which then show on receipts and the check transactions daily activity report.

05/20/2013 (2013-2QL) - Added support for SafeReporting.com style xml police reporting (pending approval), fixed issues with backup system on computers with media card readers, fixed issue with federal withholding calculation when employee is filing as head of household, fixed issue where voiding a foreclosure did not create a reversing transaction entry for those that need to balance their accounting against outstanding inventory.

05/14/2013 (2013-2QK) - Added support for New Jersey pawnbrokers.

05/10/2013 (2013-2QJ) - Fixed additional issue with the Indiana plain paper pawn form.

05/08/2013 (2013-2QI) - Made requested change to the Indiana plain paper pawn form.

05/03/2013 (2013-2QH) - Fixed issues with the new backup system when using terrabyte size drives, showing the number of seconds elapsed and additional files needed when running on older versions of Windows.

05/01/2013 (2013-2QG) - Added daily backup utility that lets you easily make backups of your HTP software and data to your hard drive, external removable drives or other computers on your network. Fixed issue with Green Bay Wisconsin XML police reporting. Updated folder selection tool throughout the software so you can now browse and select network locations and connected devices like cameras and tablets. Increased processing speed of daily cash report.

04/24/2013 (2013-2QF) - Fixed issue with New Mexico pawn form, added Live Help button that will open our live chat system in your browser, updated gold price calculator with new look.

04/22/2013 (2013-2QE) - Added renew from today mode for New York pawnbrokers.

04/19/2013 (2013-2QD) - Fixed problem with advanced rate setup not displaying properly on some machines.

04/19/2013 (2013-2QC) - Added Green Bay Wisconsin XML police reporting and New Mexico plain paper forms.

04/13/2013 (2013-2QB) - Fixed problem with retrieving Monex gold price quotes and added link on precious metals calculator to view the webpage used as a reference, added support for Alabama Burrell form 10-0105, improved advanced rate setup so you can now specify a flat rate instead of a percentage rate calculation or whichever is greater or a combination of the two.

04/08/2013 (2013-2QA) - Fixed issue with incoming store transfers when using the bank account manager, updated the New York plain paper pawn form with additional terms required by state law.

04/05/2013 (ScanShell 10.00.08) - New update for ScanShell drivers license scanners. The manufacturer has not provided any details about what has changed in this version.

04/05/2013 (2013-2Q) - Added final module for store to store inventory transfer allowing you to easily add groups of items to a bucket or store transfer using description or category searches.

03/30/2013 (2013-1QL) - Added store to store inventory transfer system which allows you to easily transfer stock between any locations using our software. Added GA T4 Discharge of lien form, added better handling of email tagging, fixed issue where sometimes a principal payment or increase would let the items of a ticket get out of balance with the loan amount by a penny or two (does not fix existing out of balance items only prevents new ones from occurring), improved descriptions for why an item is not for sale when selecting by item number, fixed problem with outstanding layaway calculations when re-preparing a cash report for a prior date, fixed bug when printing a Virginia title contract, fixed issue with Volusia county FL police reporting, fixed issue with out for sale date on vendor purchase items, improved customer selection screen which now stays in focus while preparing results and has a select button at the bottom so you don't have to hit ENTER plus it now has a show more results checkbox that will locate partial name matches in your customer list, completely redesigned the bucket system and bucket manager to be more powerful and easier to use, fixed customer age calculations so they are always accurate to the day (sometimes a customer would be flagged as underage on the day of their birthday).

03/05/2013 (ScanShell 10.00.07) - Updated the ScanShell drivers license scanner software to the latest version. This version adds or updates support for IDs in Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Brunswick, New Foundland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin. If you are using a legacy 800 or 800N model instead of their newer 800R or 800NR models you may also have to install the appropriate driver from the legacy driver folder located here. Anytime you update the ScanShell software you will also need to recalibrate your scanner so make sure you have your calibration card in hand or use the pdf on our support folder and print a new one to use. Updating your ScanShell drivers has to be repeated for each workstation using a ScanShell device.

02/13/2013 (2013-1QK) - Fixed minor issue with the Volusia County FL electronic police reporting file.

02/12/2013 (2013-1QJ) - Improved customer selection tool to increase search speed, give better results and include middle name matches. Added class of license and expiration date to customer ID info. ID expiration date is now automatically filled in when using Scanshell ID scanners. Added option under legal settings to check for a valid ID expiration date when saving a pawn or buy. Added option under legal settings to exclude hair color when verifying required customer information has been filled in on new pawns or buys. Added full NCIC gun manufacturers list including NCIC manufacturer codes required for police reporting in some areas. Added gun manufacturer manager under the inventory menu that allows you to add, edit or delete gun manufacturers as desired. Added security option to control if employees are allowed to make changes to your list of gun manufacturers. Added simple tool to search and select gun manufacturers while adding or editing guns. Expanded the gun manufacturer name to 35 characters. Added option to select the default number of copies when printing an ATF 3310 form. Added option when reprinting a 3310 form to show all handguns sold during the 5 day period or just the supplemental additions from the sale being reprinted. Added new category system "Standard NCIC Coding" for customers who must include NCIC property codes in their police reporting. Added ability to halt and resume later the auto-categorization process that must be run when switching category systems. Added Volusia County FL style electronic police report filing.

01/31/2013 (2013-1QI) - Fixed issue where using the increase or pay principal tool would change the lending percentage to the default rate for the adjusted principal balance in states that do not require this adjustment. Added customer PIN# to all ticket screens and the view history tool. Fixed inventory aging report to age from the out for sale date instead of the original item date.

01/30/2013 (2013-1QH) - Fixed problem with Georgia Burrell 10-1009 form when not using detailed item entry mode.

01/25/2013 (2013-1QG) - Additional minor improvements to the ATF A & D records system and fix for one issue with the new full middle name feature.

01/24/2013 (2013-1QF) - Added several improvements related to FFL ATF Gun compliance including an expanded list of gun finishes to deal with new style guns, full middle name on customers and ATF A & D gun book, various improvements to the ATF gun reports and improved detection of issues with your A & D records. The full middle name is now captured from driver's license scans and all data style police reporting now transmits the full middle name if entered.

01/15/2013 (2013-1QE) - Added custom single line of text that can be added to renewal forms under the setup menu -> ticket text.

01/15/2013 (2013-1QD) - Added custom single line of text that can be added to contracts under the setup menu -> ticket text.

01/15/2013 (2013-1QC) - Customer alerts are now displayed as part of the notes when highlighting a ticket in the foreclosure manager. Added automatic calculation of the minimum sale price (stated value) at 125% for Wisconsin users as required by state law.

01/14/2013 (2013-1QB) - Fixed additional issue where the reports that display charts could give you an error message.

01/10/2013 (ScanShell 10.00.01) - Updated the ScanShell drivers license scanner software to the latest version. This version adds or updates support for IDs in Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Brunswick, New Foundland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia and Wisconsin. If you are using a legacy 800 or 800N model instead of their newer 800R or 800NR models you may also have to install the appropriate driver from the legacy driver folder located here. Anytime you update the ScanShell software you will also need to recalibrate your scanner so make sure you have your calibration card in hand or use the pdf on our support folder and print a new one to use. Updating your ScanShell drivers has to be repeated for each workstation using a ScanShell device.

01/08/2013 (2013-1QA) - Changed default employee FICA rate back to 6.2% for 2013, if you are already using HTP for payroll you will need to go to SETUP -> LEGAL SETTINGS and change your employee FICA rate back to 6.2%. Added support for 2" x 1" labels on Zebra, UPS and Datamax style label printers. Added option to remove graph lines from all of the "Chart" reports which allows you to still print them even if there was a negative amount that would have caused an error showing the graph. Fixed rare error that could occur when printing the inventory aging report.

01/04/2013 (2013-1Q) - Added gold and silver price calculator with options to get real time quotes from 4 different popular internet sources, the calculator lets you specify grams, pennyweight, ounces and troy ounces for unit of measure plus type of metal and karat. When you set your lending / purchase percentage rates the calculator will remember them for all subsequent uses. Fixed problem with HI-Tech Double Form IV not showing serial numbers after a recent update. Added option on Chart Sales Profit By Category report to not display graph lines which solves certain situations where the report would show an error message and not print.

12/29/2012 (2012-4QO) - Fixed issue with viewing Teletrack reports and using the test transaction feature. Updated Colorado Springs XML police reporting as requested.

12/21/2012 (2012-4QN) - Added Utah TC-656 Noting of lien form for use with title pledge loans. Added option (under setup menu -> legal settings) for Georgia pawnbrokers to drop their rate to 12.5% instead of half the original rate when the reduced loan extension period arrives. Fixed all Georgia forms to show correct calculations of reduced rate transation amounts including adjusting for a minimum loan amount as needed.

12/11/2012 (2012-4QM) - Added new ATF A & D Audit Report that allows you to view or print all changes made to guns in your A & D book for a date range including date, time, employee and what was changed. Added option under setup menu -> legal settings to verify all the required information is filled in for police reporting of the customer involved with a pawn or purchase. Fixed issues with the automatically log out user option where you might be prompted to select user if the form you click takes too long to load. Updated the ATF form 3310 to the latest version when printing a blank form from the inventory menu. Fixed problem with the transaction report where you sometimes got an error when selecting a specific customer. Added warning on voiding a sale if the sale includes a firearm, the ATF requires that you purchase the gun back from a customer so that it gets logged as a new acquisition instead of voiding the sale. You can still void the sale if you wish if you're not using our software to manage your ATF A & D book. Updated the Washington check advance form.

12/04/2012 (2012-4QL) - Fixed bug on sales screen that would allow you to save the sale with no items on it if you edited or deleted an item already on the sale.

12/03/2012 (2012-4QK) - Updated Kentucky and South Carolina overdue pawn notices to new windowed envelope layout. Added ability to reprint voided sale tickets, each ticket layout adds "VOIDED" in large text to the sales receipt.

12/03/2012 (2012-4QJ) - Tax included pricing can now be used on non-inventory item entry on sales and layaways. Nashville tax calculations are now calculated correctly on layaway transactions. Added tattoos and scars to customer information as required for Maryland police reporting. Updated Maryland police form with latest version plus added a portrait option which supports more items per page. When saving a pawn or buy transaction you are now warned if any mandatory customer information has been left blank. Added the Alabama power of attorney form for title pledge loans. Updated the ATF 3310 form to the new layout. Fixed bug in the profit by employee report where voided sales sometimes did not adjust the profit earned correctly. Added company email address which can be optionally included on overdue notices. Added option under printer setup to print jewelry weights before descriptions on jewelry labels. Converted the overdue pawn notice letter to a two window envelope layout with a fold line for easy use with #9 invoice double window security business envelopes (3-7/8 x 8-7/8). Added options under printer setup for overdue notices to optionally include hours of operation, store manager / contact name, company fax number, company website URL, company email address, item description, item serial number, item stated value, item loan amount, amount to renew and amount to redeem details.

11/21/2012 (2012-4QI) - Added new option to police reporting setup for Canadian style police reporting that omits personal information as required by law.

11/13/2012 (2012-4QH) - Added customer phone call PIN# to use as a way of verifying a caller on the phone is really the customer they claim to be so you can be sure of identity before giving out account information over the phone. You will see the PIN# on the customer information screen under the customer references, whenever you select a customer like in the view history screen the customer PIN# is displayed in the list of matches to help you verify identity of the caller. Fixed issue where viewing an inventory query from the search records screen might show asterisks instead of item numbers. Fixed issue where descriptions of items on pawn or buy titckets that start with "TITLE", "GUN" or "JEWELRY" would automatically trigger a special category entry. For example "TITLEIST GOLF CLUBS" would trigger a title pledge loan or "GUN CLEANER" would trigger a firearm entry.

11/07/2012 (2012-4QG) - This update addresses problems with viewing reports and searching customers that some of our users have reported. A brand new customer selector has been written that allows you to search by any part of a customer's name including first name. Results now show more information about the customer including photos, notes, alerts or bankruptcy issues. The report preview engine now correctly renders reports on screen using the selected report printer instead of whatever printer and page size is your windows default, this takes care of issues where a report preview might be clipped and only show part of a page.

10/10/2012 (2012-4QF) - Added additional metric to Tennessee Title AORBA reporting so that it can correctly balance, the state mandated form is missing this necessary metric which causes the report to never balance correctly. Steve Henley at the Department of Financial Institutions has approved this change to the form.

10/08/2012 (2012-4QE) - Added support for 3" x 1" labels on portrait style label printers (zebra / ups / datamax). Fixed bug when saving a final layaway payment where a user might get an error message involving the new trade feature.

10/04/2012 (2012-4QD) - Redesigned Tennessee Title Pledge AORBA reporting to calculate outstanding balances from the records instead of relying on a cash report having been prepared on the start date.

10/04/2012 (2012-4QC) - Fixed minor bug in the notice to pledgor tool.

10/03/2012 (2012-4QB) - Fixed problem with date clipping the year on Florida pawn contracts.

10/03/2012 (2012-4QA) - Fixed problem with back dated transactions report.

10/02/2012 (2012-4Q) - Added auto log out feature under setup menu -> security levels which allows you to set a specific number of seconds a station can be idle at a menu screen before the current user is automatically logged out. Fixed bug on view / print / email version of police report when item photos are included, if you are using this police report option you need to update immediately. Added "Inventory Items Sold" report that allows you to audit every item sold for a date range with tons of options like category selection and optional sorting by category. Added new audit report "Back Dated Transactions" that identifies transactions that are out of date sequence which means an employee changed the computers clock to do the transaction which could be evidence of theft or fraud. Each out of sequence transaction is shown with the transaction that preceded and followed it so you can see the exact date and time range the transaction actually occured. Added Kentucky pawn notices as mandated by state law. Added ability to search your category list to easily find search terms missing from your categories, this is done via the inventory categories choice on the inventory menu. Added Colorado Springs custom category list now available under switch category systems in the category manager. A minor change to the Utah police reporting upload where their system did not want an "End of File" character embedded in the file. Added integrity check to the system cleaning process that can identify items that are supposed to be in pawn but are not flagged as in pawn. Fixed problem with the Georgia Cashmax buy ticket where only the first item was being listed when there were multiple items purchased.

09/22/2012 (2012-3QW) - Fixed bug on renewal thermal form.

09/21/2012 (2012-3QV) - Added support for trades, this is accomplished by doing a purchase from a customer then starting a sales transaction and selecting that customer's purchase ticket to trade with. Sales receipts now show the type of sale and customer you sold the items to including layaway sales, tax exempt sales, trades and firearm sales (shows disposition info). If the sale involves a trade the balance to pay or collect from the customer is printed on the sales receipt as well as the trade amount, net taxable and buy ticket number you traded with. You may now make customer selection for sales mandatory under legal settings on the setup menu. All ticket forms now show the employee, time in am/pm format and transaction date. Updated text on Indiana pawn forms and Michigan Buy - Sell Agreement. Added category selection to the inventory aging report. Added new XML style police report for Colorado Springs, Colorado customers.

09/12/2012 (2012-3QU) - Sales receipts now show the customer information when a sale is tax exempt or involves a firearm.

09/10/2012 (2012-3QT) - Fixed problem with weekly management report email plus minor change to Georgia Cashmax Title Pledge form.

09/07/2012 (2012-3QS) - Fixed problem with viewing buckets plus minor changes to Georgia Cashmax pawn and buy forms.

09/06/2012 (2012-3QR) - Fixed problem with HTP CSV Extended police reporting.

09/06/2012 (2012-3QQ) - Fixed problem with Zebra 2.25 x 1.25 pawn labels.

09/05/2012 (2012-3QP) - This is a major update recommended for all customers. The HTP report engine has been completely re-written and every report has been checked and edited using the new code. This new report engine gives you a whole new range of capabilities whenever viewing a report including the ability to zoom to any level, preview multiple pages on the screen, go to a specific page number and print your report to any printer you want not just your assigned report printer. In addition you now have the option from the view report screen to save that report as a pdf file, jpeg images, web html or an excel spreadsheet. In addition whenever you email a report the pdf file attached to the email looks EXACTLY like the printed version including pictures and other graphics like back shading, lines and boxes. Every form in the program has been edited to give you more room and more information on your screen and all text boxes and buttons are a uniform size giving you a consistent look and feel on every screen. All ticket functions now have a customer selector sidebar that displays the id card scan and customer photo for the selected customer. When searching by last name you now see the date of birth in full month, day year format as well as the customer's age and cell phone number. Every report now has a date and time stamp in the upper left corner showing the exact time the report was printed, time is now shown in normal am/pm format instead of military time. Customer ID card scans, customer photos and item photos can now be sent in your email police report, you can use the setup menu -> police reporting screen to configure which photos you want to include. Fingerprints have been added to the Utah purchase forms. Added new Georgia Cashmax style forms for both full page and thermal receipts, these forms can optionally include a customer referral faux check with your options for amount and conditions. This referral check can be configured under the setup menu -> printers ->referral tab. Added new options to pawn labels which can be configured under the setup menu -> printers -> label options. Added a new police data format HTP Extended CSV as requested by police departments in Virginia. Updating your software is now done by copying a single file (pawn_win.exe) over your previous copy and then performing a system cleaning on the setup menu. An automated update process will be released later this month.

08/02/2012 (2012-3QO) - Fixed printing bug introduced in the 2012-3QN update, added additional option to police reporting to limit the report to just firearms as requested by specific polce departments.

08/01/2012 (2012-3QN) - This update addresses various requests from police departments regarding the printed or emailed version of the police report. First you now have the option to prepare a report containing only precious metals. Added the option under the setup menu -> police reporting that allows you to specify how you want photos to appear on the report or email including options for no photos, id or customer photo only, either picture with a preference for id card or customer or both id card and customer photos. Problems with positioning and overlapping and stretched photos on the emailed pdf version have been fixed so that the emailed version looks EXACTLY like the printed version. Increased the layout size and fonts used to make the report easier to read (as requested).

07/28/2012 (2012-3QM) - Fixed additional place where the Alabama renew from today mode was forced to be turned on.

07/28/2012 (2012-3QL) - Multi-drawer manager now has options to print summary or detail of all employee drawer transfers for any date range, category selection screen layout adjusted to make it easier to use, problem where fatal embraces could occur during category or user selection fixed (these are problems where you would have to use the windows task manager to close the program), fixed problem where an underage date of birth was not alerted if you used the scanshell id scanner, added company website or email to company information, added support for the New York Burrell 10-3208 form variation that has your company information pre-printed on the form, removed the restriction on Alabama lenders that required them to use renew from today mode (you must now make your own decision with your state auditor as to whether or not to use this mode).

07/18/2012 (2012-3QK) - Updated all redemption forms to include "I ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF MY ITEMS AND CERTIFY THEY ARE IN GOOD CONDITION." above the customer's signature line, added option to view a detailed list of drawer transfers to and from each users drawer and print a copy of the drawer transfer summary from the multi-drawer manager, fixed additional item on police reporting that still said "Pawn" when it was in fact a "Buy-Sell" agreement.

07/17/2012 (2012-3QJ) - Updated Colorado buy tickets to include the three questions required by state law, added improved purchase agreement to Georgia, Colorado and thermal receipt buy tickets. Changed pawn labels to say "Acquisition Date" instead of "Pawn Date" and police reports to say "*** BUY-SELL AGREEMENT ITEMS ***" instead of "*** PAWNED ITEMS ***" when the customer is using a buy-sell style pawn ticket which includes Canada, England, Maryland, Colorado, Michigan and Delaware.

07/13/2012 (2012-3QI) - Fixed bug where foreclosing / voiding a layaway did not time stamp the transaction, added new capabilities to the browse for photo options, you can now import photo files in any known picture format and have the program automatically reformat them as standard jpeg files and resize them to several common image sizes. This is especially useful to customers that are using a digital camera to get their pictures which can be as high as 10 megapixels. You can see a file size reduction of up to 90% with no apparent loss of quality for on screen viewing which can dramatically reduce the time it takes to make backups and upload data to police systems.

07/11/2012 (2012-3QH) - Added customer address to Georgia noting of lien form, BWI Live reporting now respects the include car titles setting on the police reporting setup screen, BWI reporting will now send the customer number as their 2nd form of id if it's all numbers, fixed bug on retrieve item that didn't clear the live reported status of the re-pawned item.

07/10/2012 (2012-3QG) - Fixed bug on ATF acquisition / disposition count where sold or redeemed guns that were voided might still be counted as disposed, improved speed of system cleaning utility.

07/09/2012 (2012-3QF) - Updated the inventory editor with an easier to read layout and category selection now split into primary and sub categories plus updated the picture controls for item, vehicle title and repossession photos which can be updated via webcam, scanner or browsing for the file. Fixed issue where the system would report gun acquisition problems that were not problems (caused by changing how the system formated city, state and zip).

07/06/2012 (2012-3QE) - Updated customer information screen with an easier to read layout and both id card and customer photo controls, updated BWI police reporting to respect the show loan / cost police reporting option, updated Utah pawn tickets to correctly show 30 or 60 day term in the wording of the contract, fixed minor bug when using the police report file output option with Utah, Dothan AL, Virginia Beach or the generic EXP format (all police reporting was being properly processed, this bug did not affect your actual reporting).

07/04/2012 (2012-3QD) - Fixed bug when using the customer capture via webcam when no webcams are installed.

07/03/2012 (2012-3QC) - Removed changes regarding Tennessee pawnbroker laws that were not amended as published on the state website.

07/02/2012 (2012-3QB) - Added check to make sure your police data file has records to report before allowing you to create an upload file, fixed issue with BWI uploads.

07/02/2012 (2012-3QA) - Fixed two minor issues with the 3Q update.

07/01/2012 (2012-3Q) - Adds additional wording on Tennessee pawn and purchase forms where the customer certifies that all information is true and accurate. Major improvements for customers reporting to BWI, you can now upload directly to BWI without creating a file or logging in to their website you can also perform "Live Reporting" via our new photo manager. Added new photo manager that allows you to quickly and easily track id scans, customer master photos, customer photos on a specific visit, item photos, fingerprint scans, check scans and title document scans. Added support for all models of webcams and scanners and added the ability to setup default cameras and settings for capturing customer and inventory photos as well as using scanners to capture jewelry, check and title document images. Added new customer search capability from the BUY / CONSIGN screen, just type VENDOR to select from all available vendors. Expanded many forms size and layout for easier use on large desktop resolutions this also means the minimum desktop size is increased from 800x600 to 1280x720 on widescreen monitors and 1024x768 on 4:3 aspect monitors. When using the "What have I Loaned / Paid in the past" buttons you now get make and model now. Increased the size of the picture zoom (anytime you click a photo) and now show the path and filename of the photo at the top of the window so photos can be found easily on your hard drive. Switched Utah forms to use Right Index finger for fingerprints. Fixed bug when trying to browse for a photo caused by the default photo folder no longer existing on the pc being used. Digital fingerprint scanners can be purchased from M2SYS, call us for details. Uploading to BWI or Leadsonline or other ftp police reporting types will now show a progress meter letting you know the file is uploading. Added data verification for BWI police reporting that will identify any problems with your police reporting data BEFORE you send it to BWI with specifics about what is wrong and what or who needs to be corrected.

05/22/2012 (2012-2QK) - Fixed bug that would sometimes allow a transaction to be saved with no valid customer selected, added option to chart inventory by category report that allows output to an excel spreadsheet file.

05/21/2012 (2012-2QJ) - Fixed bug "variable CPAY not found" when using the cash report for date range. You will also notice a new setup menu item "WebCam Image Capture" which is dimmed because we are still finishing our webcam support, the update for this feature will be released in the next day or two.

05/15/2012 (2012-2QI) - Added layaway storage location on all sales receipts when they were the result of a paid in full layaway transaction, added option to inventory verification report to exclude consigned items, made further revisions to Florida plain paper pawn contract as directed by the Florida Agriculture Department, added major improvements to payroll system including automatic calculation of federal withholding based on employee's filing status and number of allowances specified on their W4 form, ability to use separate percentage breakdowns for FICA to handle the 2% employee FICA reduction in effect at this time, added hyperlink on employee information screen to go directly to the IRS W4 form on the web.

05/14/2012 (2012-2QH) - Updated the new file integrity checker to sort results in ticket order, changed the wording on the Florida plain paper form as requsted by the Florida Agriculture Department, fixed problems with the layaway ticket where you might get stuck in the down payment box unable to exit, added warning when pawning a handgun and the customer is under 21 since they cannot redeem it until age 21, added purchaser's signature to Alabama buy ticket as requested by state examiner, converted the plain paper pawn tickets to print in duplex mode (if the printer supports duplex printing) for the following states: Washington, Alabama, Virginia, Wisconsin, Maine, Indiana, Missouri and Maryland.

05/02/2012 (2012-2QG) - Added option to system cleaning to check databases for integrity issues like missing items or customers that may have been left over from transactions that did not save properly due to an error or loss of network connection.

04/24/2012 (2012-2QF) - Added Delaware plain paper forms, removed option from police reporting to report pawns or buys only.

04/24/2012 (2012-2QE) - Added support for Florida pawn / buy duplex form printing, added Arizona plain paper forms.

04/23/2012 (2012-2QD) - Added support for California Deferred Deposit Loans.

04/21/2012 (2012-2QC) - Added Utah check extension principal payments, fixed problems with today's net receipts calculator, added check principal payments to all accounting reports, added all check metrics to business statistics report (check records mode), added support for California buy/sell with digital fingerprint capture, added ability to choose what details appear on all ticket forms managed under the setup menu -> printers -> form options.

04/11/2012 (2012-2QB) - Added the Federal FINCEN 104 form for reporting transactions of $10,000 or more, when preparing a daily cash report you are automatically notified if any customer has done transactions that would require this form and have the option to print it. Added digital fingerprint scans to Florida plain paper pawn and buy form. Increased SERIAL NUMBER to 25 characters. Reverted HTP Basic police reporting data file back to earlier format per request from Nashville PD.

04/02/2012 (2012-2QA) - Fixed problem where gun importer entered during a pawn or buy was not being saved, added option to Overdue Pawns report to show tickets due on a specific date.

04/02/2012 (2012-2Q) - Fixed problem with Zebra 2.25 x 1.25 inventory labels, fixed error message on foreclosure manager when there are no past due tickets.

03/30/2012 (2012-1QT) - Added FTP connection timeout settings for customers having problems uploading police data through slower connections, fixed problem with Datamax inventory label layouts.

03/29/2012 (2012-1QS) - Fixed bug where New York and Louisiana duplex pawn forms were only printing the first item.

03/28/2012 (2012-1QR) - Expanded customer name, address, city and alert fields, car odometer reading now accepts text as well as numbers so you can put "EXEMPT" for a reading, inventory labels for guns can now optionally include serial numbers, whenever a consigned item is sold the cash report will now pop up a message notifying you there are liabilities to print, multi-store logging is now an option so users who don't need that will see a speed increase in preparing cash reports, fixed problem where customer ages sometimes rounded up incorrectly, added option for New York users to discount redemptions for unused months of interest, Louisiana plain paper pawn form will now print in duplex mode if available, added digital fingerprint to Utah pawn forms, added sorting by due date to outstanding pawns report, added option to transaction report to not use a separate page for each transaction type, added option to transaction report to show sales without tax.

03/17/2012 (2012-1QQ) - Added option to include fingerprints on purchase thermal receipts, including digitally captured prints using the M2SYS-EasyScan fingerprint scanner. When ordering one of these scanners from M2SYS be sure to request the "BWI Package" which runs around $185.00 currently.

03/16/2012 (2012-1QP) - Added ability to manually enter guns in your ATF A & D book records that did not come from a pawn or buy transaction, you also have the option of adding these manual entries as inventory for sale that can then be sold and managed through our normal sale and layaway system. This allows you to use HTP as a standalone ATF compliant A & D book record keeping system and also adds the capability to easily log gun repairs and FFL transfers.

03/12/2012 (2012-1QO) - Fixed 2 minor problems with the 2012-1QN update.

03/12/2012 (2012-1QN) - This update adds major improvements to the ATF A & D Gun book portion of our software including the ability to add more detail about your guns, automatic detection of problems with your gun records (and what to do to fix them). Added fingerprint to Georgia buy ticket, updated our USA zip code database to the most recent data, added ability to search by first name on ATF records search, added digital signing of our products by Verisign to guarantee you are using our official releases, fixed bug on bad titles written off report, business statistics report is now available to check features only customers, added support for duplex printing of New York plain paper pawn forms, added Michigan Buy / Sell agreement, improved gun instant check system so you can change or correct anything about an instant check as needed.

02/15/2012 (Scanshell 9.60.5) - Added latest recognition software from Scanshell. This update adds the following improvements: U.S. Green Card, Arkansas (license, veteran and under 21), Connecticut (license), Delaware (license), Florida (license and concealed gun), Hawaii (license and under 21), Idaho (license), Illinois (license and underage), Indiana (license), Iowa (license and underage), Louisiana (license), Maine (license), Maryland (license), Michigan (license and underage), Nebraska (license and underage), Nevada (license), New Hampshire (license), New Jersey (license and under 21), North Dakota (license), South Carolina (license and under 21), Tennessee (license), Utah (license), Vermont (license), West Virginia (license), Wyoming (license). Click the Scanshell Setup Utility link at the top of the page to install the latest driver. You will need to do this on each computer using a scanshell device, first unplug the scanner, install the new driver software, connect your scanshell device, go to our Setup Menu - ID Card Scanner and calibrate your scanner again to finish the upgrade.

02/14/2012 (2012-1QM) - Added support for Georgia Power of Attorney and Noting of Lien forms for title lenders, fixed problem caused by paying off a layway with the intial down payment.

02/08/2012 (2012-1QL) - Added support for second form of ID, beard, moustache and glasses on Maryland police reporting form.

02/06/2012 (2012-1QK) - Added Internet Ad and Internet Search to Found Store By marketing info, added print capability from drawer count screen, made requested changes to South Carolina Impending Forfeiture Notice.

02/04/2012 (2012-1QJ) - Improved all modes of police reporting including better pdf version for email. Added larger descriptions, beard, moustache, glasses and second form of ID to all forms of police reporting (where supported). Fixed problem caused by new employee state permit when updating systems with security activated.

02/02/2012 (2012-1QI) - Added support for Virginia precious metals buyers, increased basic item description to 60 characters (was 30), added state license / permit number and expiration for employees, added second form of identification for use with customers, added beard, moustache and glasses to customer information, added Virginia Precious Metals Buyers form.

01/31/2012 (2012-1QH) - Major improvements for customers that report via Leads Online police reporting including one click ftp upload, customer photos, ID scans, fingerprint scans, item photos and the option to omit loan and purchase amounts if desired. Fixed bug on business statistics report where purchase volumes exceeding one million dollars appeared as asterisks.

01/20/2012 (2012-1QG) - Added employee to Leads Online police reporting, fixed problem with printing new copy of Utah payday loan contract when extending.

01/18/2012 (2012-1QF) - Added lost ticket statement to Louisiana pawn and redemption forms per state examiner, improved SELECT CUSTOMER boxes throughout program so you may now press the ESC key to cancel customer selection.

01/18/2012 (2012-1QE) - Added support for the M2SYS M2-EasyScan fingerprint scanner allowing you to capture customer fingerprints for each pawn or purchase which are then uploaded to BWI style police reporting with option to print on pawn and purchase forms.

01/10/2012 (2012-1QD) - Fixed problems with calculating early pickup amounts on Utah 60 day pawn transactions, added option to put maturity / expiration date on renewal receipts (due date plus number of days to hold pawn before foreclosure), added option to strip leading "8"s from Utah Drivers License address scans, put 0-30 and 31-60 redemption amounts on 60 day Utah pawn forms, added security option to allow editing of pawn fee percentages while writing a pawn ticket so a user with access priveleges can write a loan with a custom rate.

01/06/2012 (2012-1QC) - Fixed problem where advanced form routing did not save form type preference for partial payments, added option to print ticket number barcode on thermal receipts.

01/06/2012 (2012-1QB) - Fixed problem when printing multiple copies of Utah Title form, added support for Utah Burrell 10-4409-05 form.

01/03/2012 (2012-1QA) - Added required clause to Mississippi check cashing form, updated software to prevent Mississippi check advance writers from writing a loan that violates the new law effective January 1st, 2012. The new law limits loans up to a face amount of $250 to a rate of 20% on the amount borrowed, this means that the max loan possible at that rate is $208.33 with a loan period up to 30 days. For loans with a face amount of $251 to $500 the rate cap is 21.95% which menas the highest loan amount possible at that rate is $410 with a term of 28 to 30 days. Loans with a face amount greater than $500 or multiple loans that combined exceed $500 are prohibited.

12/31/2011 (2011-4QJ) - Fixed problem on ATF 3310 form where the company city was not being printed, fixed length of Utah payday loan form so it will work properly with Canon printers, changed Utah payday loan form to support duplex printing mode, removed monthly percentage rate from Utah pawn form, added support for 60 day pawn and renewal terms in Utah.

12/28/2011 (2011-4QI) - Added new race code for BWI police reporting, fixed "Variable XTITLENUM not found" bug, added car tag validation number to title info, added Utah title pledge form with support for duplex printing, fixed problems with drawer count emails sometimes showing asterisks, fixed problem with master cash drawer counts changing to a multi-drawer count if you go back to the count after doing a view, print or email without leaving the cash report screen.

12/19/2011 (2011-4QH) - Revised Utah check extension / rollover to extend from extension date not previous due date, added regular label printer labels for all selected customers on search records tool.

12/17/2011 (2011-4QG) - Updated Utah check extension / rollover to allow for new term and check number with option to print updated original contract. Updated Utah check redemption to properly calculate accrued fees with optional late fee for payments more than 10 days past due. Added option under printer setup for an alternate Zebra jewelry label position for users with difficult to align models. Added Avery 5160 label sheet print option to customer query screen (search records on ticket menu), this can be used to print sheets of address labels for all or filtered groups of customers.

11/23/2011 (2011-4QF) - Added option to remove employee name from ticket forms, fixed problem with automatic case conversion when the "#" symbol is used, HTP & Leadsonline police reporting now respect the "Show Stated Values" and "Show Loan Amounts" settings on the police reporting setup screen, adjusted Florida Burrell form positions, changed daily accounting (cash) report so that zero values now appear blank to improve the readability of the report.

11/22/2011 (2011-4QE) - Fixed problem with pawn notices not allowing selection of specific customer. Fixed problem where Mississippi Title loans did not respect late fee options (like daily pro-rate) but instead charged full monthly fees for each month of the amortization schedule. Added support for Utah check extension/rollovers including void functionality, integration into the net receipts tool, daily cash report, profit and loss statement, check transaction reporting, security access control of extensions and voiding extensions and both plain paper and thermal receipt layout print options. Changed Utah daily base rate for check transactions to simpler method of just setting the APR.

11/14/2011 (2011-4QD) - Fixed problem where tagging multiple renewals displayed the wrong amount in the tag manager if the customer had paid a partial fees payment or if the loan was a Mississippi Title Pledge. The actual renewal transactions calculated the correct amount, the bug only displayed the wrong amount in the tag manager. Fixed OFAC update check so it only asks once per session if you answer no.

11/04/2011 (2011-4QC) - Fixed problem with Mississippi Title Pledge past due fee calculations, fixed problem with voided sales on transaction report showing no cost if the items were re-sold, added hyperlink to the Department of Defense verification of eligibility for reduced rates under the SCRA Act. On this website you can verify someone claiming to be a covered borrower is actually entitled to the reduced loan rate. Added Department of The Treasury OFAC compliance, the software can now automatically download the latest SDN list and screen all loan applicants to make sure they are not on the prohibited list. Doing business with someone on the OFAC list can lead to a penalty of twice the amount of the transaction.

10/17/2011 (2011-4QB) - Updated Ontario Payday Lender form to be all 12 point font per examiner's request.

10/07/2011 (2011-4QA) - Added new contract for purchase form for Colorado.

10/04/2011 (2011-4Q) - Additional revisions requested by Clay County, FL police for daily data upload.

09/28/2011 (2011-3QM) - Continued improvements to Utah Deferred Presentment system, added maximum rollover date to Utah DP form.

09/16/2011 (2011-3QL) - Added Florida Burrell 10-0909-24 Pawn / Buy / Consign laser form.

09/14/2011 (2011-3QK) - Added Kentucky plain paper forms and Alabama Repossessed Motor Vehicle Affidavit.

09/09/2011 (2011-3QJ) - Added auto assign feature for customer numbers so for those that don't need an SSN the software will assign the next customer number automatically.

09/07/2011 (2011-3Qi) - Added forms for Utah Deferred Presentment, added chart of accounts report to chart of accounts manager, changed Louisiana renewals to one month instead of three.

08/30/2011 (2011-3Qh) - Fixed problems with daily accounting that limited some financials to $99,999.99, the system can now handle daily accounting up to $9,999,999,99.

08/16/2011 (2011-3Qg) - Added option to overdue (late) fees settings to cap them at a max number of late periods. Frank Long from the Alabama Banking and Finance department has ruled that based on Section 5-19A-10 of the Alabama Pawnbroker's act you may not charge more than one month of past due fees when customers redeem their property in Alabama so set your program to cap late fees at 1 month under the overdue settings to avoid a violation from state examiners. Fixed Tennessee Title Pledge amortization form to correctly show a schedule of 22 renewal payments instead of 23.

08/12/2011 (2011-3Qf) - Added support for Colorado pawnbroker laws and forms.

08/11/2011 (2011-3Qe) - Fixed profit and loss report to show all bad debt collections not just fees, fixed remaining issues with check company name appearing correctly on bad check notices, added new format and ftp settings for Clay county Florida police reporting, fixed problem where under certain circumstances redemption accrued fees would be added on the actual due date instead of the following day.

08/09/2011 (2011-3Qd) - Added full detailed description to shoplifted items report, fixed bug that allowed you to void a foreclosure even if an item from that ticket had been put in layaway.

07/28/2011 (2011-3Qc) - Added MS Burrell 24-2409 Title Pledge form, added option in overdue settings to suspend late fees when a pawn or title pledge exceeds a user specified number of months since the original loan date.

07/13/2011 (2011-3Qb) - Added support for FTP upload of police report data files.

07/11/2011 (2011-3Qa) - Driver's license scans (barcode or ocr) will now automatically strip hyphens from license numbers so they don't exceed our maximum length of 16 characters, best and worst profit of the day messages removed, when entering reason for sale under company minimum profit percentage you may now click "Repeat Same Reason" to automatically use the same reason for all the items on a sale, added Mississippi Burrell pawn laser form 10-2409.

07/05/2011 (2011-3Q) - Added new police reporting for Seminole County Florida PD, fixed problem with new business statistics report, fixed bug on guns in house report, improved renewal ticket screen so user may now enter the total the customer wants to pay and the fees and/or principal payment are calculated automatically, added warning to renewal save button if only partial fees are being paid, user must confirm they want to continue.

06/30/2011 (2011-2Qo) - Added pawn and payday loan forms for Wyoming, fixed bad check notices & statements so they correctly show the check company name when it is different from the master company name.

06/24/2011 (2011-2Qn) - Updated Alabama pawn, renewal and purchase forms both plain paper and thermal receipts with additional wording requested by state examiners, added employee and time to all renewal receipts forms.

06/22/2011 (Scanshell 9.50.0) - Updated Driver's license scanner software with improved bar code reading and improved templates for Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin & Wyoming.

06/18/2011 (2011-2Qm) - Added additional text required on South Carolina over the counter purchase tickets, added weight to all printed versions of police reporting as well as expanded the serial number which was sometimes clipped.

06/16/2011 (2011-2Ql) - Added new requirements on South Carolina over the counter purchase tickets.

06/16/2011 (2011-2Qk) - Added alternate state ID# for New York over the counter purchase tickets.

06/15/2011 (2011-2Qj) - Added Utah plain paper forms.

06/14/2011 (2011-2Qi) - Added additional changes to properly support Louisiana pawnbrokers.

06/14/2011 (2011-2Qh) - Added support for Louisiana pawnbrokers, fixed missing date on New York Burrell forms, vendor items are now excluded from the purchase release list report.

06/09/2011 (2011-2Qg) - Fixed bug where Mississippi principal payments were not starting on the first renewal.

06/06/2011 (2011-2Qf) - Added Kansas payday loan form, increased precision on sales tax rates, improved command line utility including quick repair tool for damaged data files, added partial fees payment transaction to accounting engine, customers may now make incremental payments on their fees anytime you wish to allow them, a new ticket receipt was also added for partial fees payments.

05/13/2011 (2011-2Qe) - Fixed problem where underpayment or overpayment of renewal fees did not calculate the correct amount to balance forward when using the renew from today mode.

05/10/2011 (2011-2Qd) - Updated business statistics report with a cleaner easier to read layout plus added principal payments to the report.

05/06/2011 (2011-2Qc) - Added support for PAMET style police reporting, added required clause to Alabama PDL form, added new audit style outstanding pawns report, fixed issues on various Burrell forms including proper date on Virginia forms, fixed issue with any state buy ticket total not printing correctly, fixed problem with principal payments in multi-drawer manager.

04/22/2011 (2011-2Qb) - Added area codes to phone numbers on outstanding loan reports, fixed bug on accounting emails, added option to sort by customer name on checks to deposit report, updated ATF address and fax number used with form 3310, added option to filter chart sales by category report by vendor or pawn sourced items, added option on foreclosure manager to include car title loans, added option under setup menu -> legal settings to renew loans from today's date instead of the previous due date. The full date range renewed and number of pro-rated days are printed on the renewal receipt.

04/04/2011 (2011-2Qa) - Fixed issue on Alabama Burrell form 10-0109 pawn ticket.

04/01/2011 (2011-2Q) - Added Burrell form 13-2409 for Mississippi Payday Loans.

03/24/2011 (2011-1Qk) - Updated Mississippi Payday Loan form to comply with new law, updated Washington Payday Loan form with new requested items, fixed check amount on bad check notice, added "mailed on" to South Carolina notice, fixed South Carolina loans so the due date is always the same day of the month, added options under legal settings to warn pledgors about firearm background check and handguns that can only be redeemed by original pledgor.

03/04/2011 (2011-1Qj) - Added Washington payday loan, expanded late amount on check pickup.

03/01/2011 (2011-1Qi) - Fixed problem with date range cash report, added flat fee option to interest and fee rates.

02/16/2011 (2011-1Qh) - Removed highlight and bold of monthly rate on Alabama plain paper forms (per examiner request).

02/10/2011 (2011-1Qg) - Added support for Iowa pawnbrokers, updated address for ATF 3310 mailing labels, added help system for SS Number when adding customers.

02/02/2011 (2011-1Qf) - Changed put in storage to sort by item date instead of item number, added company phone number to Arkansas Burrell form, expanded number of days for pawn notices to accomodate South Carolina's -45 days, added retail price to the "What Have I Loaned Before" function on pawn transactions.

02/01/2011 (2011-1Qe) - Added support for New York Burrell form 10-3208, New York stated value automatically double loan amount.

01/28/2011 (2011-1Qd) - Fixed problems with Indiana and Florida redemption discounts required by state law. Optimized function library for better performance.

01/24/2011 (2011-1Qc) - Added form required for South Carolina pawn notices, added filter notices by loan amount. Major improvements to id scanner system including the addition of hair color on supported states, eyes, height and sex added to barcode scan, fixed problem with OCR recognition of "Elizabethton". When adding or editing ID scans you may now scan unsupported IDs or even photos and save them with your customer, in addition you may now use a scanshell 800N/NR to scan the barcode on an ID then flip it over and scan the picture. This method also works for people who are having poor results with OCR scans using the 800 or 800R models. Barcode scans are faster and have a higher accuracy rate.

01/17/2011 (2011-1Qb) - Fixed problem with cash reports stalling at 5%, fixed problem with total on TN buy tickets not printing properly on some printers, added option to show cents on label cost code, fixed problem with pawn increase in Virginia.

01/05/2011 (2011-1Qa) - Fixed problem with renewal voids in states with non-thirty day terms. Fixed Indiana term extensions to use same day every month.

01/03/2011 (111Q) - Fixed problem with chart sales profit by category report.

12/27/2010 (104Qv) - Added right index fingerprint area to Georgia plain paper full page form, fixed problem with numbering prefixes when submitting CASHAM style police data.

12/17/2010 (104Qu) - Added additional description details entered on items to BWI police reporting format.

12/15/2010 (104Qt) - Changed deletion of sub-categories to leave items affected in the same master category. Changed bad check notice so that it can be used in any country.

12/14/2010 (104Qs) - Expanded BWI Store ID to accommodate Maryland store assignments.

12/10/2010 (104Qr) - Added additional setup options for Maryland, added additional clause to Ontario payday loan contract.

12/04/2010 (104Qq) - Added support for Maryland ticket and police forms.

11/30/2010 (104Qp) - Fixed bug on ATF Query report and added cost filter to inventory verification report.

11/15/2010 (104Qo) - Fixed formatting issue with England phone numbers, added ability for England lenders to vary rate and term on a per loan basis.

11/13/2010 (104Qn) - Added email option to transaction report.

11/11/2010 (104Qm) - Added sales by time of day to marketing analysis report plus expanded the hour range tracked for pawns by time of day.

11/08/2010 (104Ql) - Added option for Georgia pawnbrokers to control the renewal number (2 or 3) after which rates are cut in half.

11/05/2010 (104Qk) - Added additional description field for jewelry entry, updated Florida pawn/buy ticket to show additional descriptions and sub-category type if used. Employment field now mandatory when adding customers in Florida.

11/04/2010 (104Qj) - Added option to output HTP Extended police reporting as an Excel spreadsheet.

11/02/2010 (104Qi) - Finalized Dothan AL police reporting format and added report to chart redemptions by category.

10/30/2010 (104Qh) - Added support for Missouri and Indiana plus a new police report format "HTP Extended".

10/26/2010 (104Qg) - Added the ability to filter the pawn verification report by date pawned.

10/20/2010 (104Qf) - Added Consignment Sales report used to audit consigned items sold with options to filter by description or consignee.

10/20/2010 (104Qe) - Updated the internal email address for HI-Tech Support.

10/18/2010 (104Qd) - Fixed headings on the Washington Interest and Fee Rates report.

10/15/2010 (104Qc) - Added Indiana plain paper forms and a new audit style police report for P+B/S numbering mode.

10/13/2010 (104Qb) - Fixed problems with Washington state rate calculation and various minor fixes.

10/01/2010 (104Qa) - Fixed another issue with uploading photos to BWI Police Reporting.

09/30/2010 (104Q) - Fixed problems with uploading ID photos made with a scanshell scanner to BWI police reporting, added Duvall County Florida police reporting.

09/22/2010 (103Qj) - Added customer and item photos to BWI police reporting, added items to the add recent photos tool, added support for South Carolina rates and Burrell forms.

09/11/2010 (103Qi) - Fixed minor problems with BWI police reporting.

09/09/2010 (103Qh) - Updated Plain Paper form for Florida, added support for BWI police reporting and added master category switch utility.

08/30/2010 (103Qg) - Fixed problems with GA renewals and plain paper check cashing form.

08/20/2010 (103Qf) - Fixed problem with selecting category of non-inventory items and rare bug during layaway payments that could improperly flag items as sold.

08/16/2010 (103Qe) - Updated Tennessee Title Pledge 2010 AORBA (schedule C) form used for license renewal.

08/10/2010 (103Qd) - Numerous improvements to ATF A & D Book system. Fixed issue with check cashing receipts not displaying large amounts properly.

08/03/2010 (103Qc) - Updated Tennessee Deferred Presentment 2010 AORBA (schedule C) form used for license renewal.

08/02/2010 (103Qb) - Added Alabama Noting of Lien form, added bankruptcy clause to Alabama pawn ticket, fixed Alabama pawn ticket to reflect date of last renewal instead of original pawn date when a principal payment is made.