Welcome To HI-Tech Pawn Software - Quality Products For The Loan Industry

HI-Tech Pawn Software specializes in software for Pawnbrokers, Title Pledge Lenders, Check Advance / Payday Loans and Check Cashing Businesses.

We've been in this business for over 20 years with satisfied customers all over the United States and Canada.  HI-Tech Pawn was designed by and for pawnbrokers.  We use this software daily at all of our locations.  We know the pawn industry inside and out and our product is ready to work for you.

We are committed to our customers and provide technical support six days a week and frequently post software updates as we continue to make our software better for you.

The best part is our unique pricing model.  Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a product that may not suit your needs, our software is free to try for the first month and averages around $80 a month for the majority of our subscribers.

No tricks or surprises, when you download our product you get the same full featured program all of our customers are using not a demo.  If you're satisfied with it just choose one of our subscription plans and continue using it.

Our software contains all the features needed for pawnshops, title pledge lenders, check advance (deferred presentment) & check cashing businesses.  There's no need to buy separate modules, everything is in one product.  Your subscription plan determines which features are enabled and you only pay for what you need.

Our software supports text messaging (sms) for pawn, title, check advance or layaway notices. Our text messaging support meets all Federal requirements with phone validation, logging and verification by PIN# of subscriptions.

Do you need to send police reports to Leadsonline, BWI, RapidNet, RISS, WSIN, NESPIN or Safe Reporting? We have that covered with direct upload to their servers so no need to log into their website or use their software. We also upload id card scans, customer photos, item photos and fingerprint scans if you're required to provide them.

Software Conversions

At HI-Tech Pawn Software we offer FREE software conversion for the following products:

  • ABQ Software
  • All Power
  • Bravo
  • BWI Online
  • Champion Pawn
  • Check Advance Pro
  • CompuPawn
  • Dazzle Pawn
  • Excel
  • Fastbound
  • Frazer
  • Ideal
  • JMT Software
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Works
  • Pawn Magiq ®
  • Pawn Power
  • Pawn Pro
  • Pawn Shop Pro
  • Pawn Wizard (Standard & Pro Versions)
  • Pawndex
  • PawnMaster
  • PPSS Pawn Software
  • Quickbooks
  • Title Pawn Pro
  • Wayne Reaves
  • XPawn ®

If your software is not listed above, our conversion specialist will still attempt to write a conversion tool for you at no charge.

HI-Tech Pawn Software - (423) 285-5750 ext 3 - support@hitechpawn.com