We Know Less Is More

Hi-Tech Pawn requires any version of Microsoft Windows and some form of printer to operate

That's it

We set the technology bar low so we can make sure your business runs the way you want it to. As long as you’ve got a computer, you’re set. If you’d like to see what Hi-Tech Pawn can really do for your business, we recommend any combination or even all of the following:

Any Laser Printer

Just about any printer will work with Hi-Tech Pawn, but we’ve found that laser printers w/ duplex capability yield the best user experience

A Label Printer

Hi-Tech Pawn natively supports most Zebra and Dymo thermal label printers. We’ve found the Dymo LabelWriter 450 to provide the best user experience. The twin turbo model even allows for both regular and jewelry labels all in one printer!

A Thermal Receipt Printer

Hi-Tech Pawn will work with most thermal receipt printers, but we’ve found the best results with the Star TSP100 series of 80mm thermal receipt printers.

2D Barcode Scanners

Most USB 2D Barcode Scanners you’ll find operate by emulating a USB keyboard, and will work with Hi-Tech Pawn out of the box. Our personal favorite is the Honeywell 1900G-HD.

ID Scanners

Hi-Tech Pawn natively supports the Scanshell 800R or 800NR ID Scanners. 

Digital Fingerprint Scanners

Hi-Tech Pawn includes native support for most SecuGen scanners. We’ve found the best results with the Secugen Hamster Pro model of digital fingerprint scanner.

USB Webcams

Just about any USB webcam will work with Hi-Tech Pawn, but we’ve found the best user experience with the Logitech C270

Flatbed & Document Scanners

Hi-Tech Pawn natively supports most TWAIN-compatible flatbed and document scanners. Most multi-fuction and many laser printers actually include a supported scanner already!

Pre-Printed & Custom Forms

Hi-Tech Pawn includes a formatting engine for the special layout and printing methods required to use pre-printed and custom forms. If you’d like to get your own, we recommend Burrell pre-printed forms